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{005.} drinking black coffee, stare at the walls...
emote - this does NOT look good, emote - displeased
alva_keel wrote in paradisa
[Since his arrival, Alva has been subjected in small part to the whims of the castle during the whirlwind month of August, but otherwise has escaped the machinations of Cair Paradisa...or so he thought, until he woke for his morning cup of tea and spent five minutes (or five years, it felt like) being sick in the bathroom.]

[Now have a very testy, still somewhat pale Alva holed up in the kitchen with a cup of coffee and as deep a frown on his face as anyone has seen as he toys with his cup and mutters by his open journal.]

Clearly I've upset someone with my search...

(ooc: LOSS begins NOW! :P)

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[doodles a few question marks] Something wrong?

Clearly you're not a habitual tea, or coffee drinker, my dear.

[is making this face at the journal] I drink anything I can get, yes.

Without preference, I imagine. I loathe coffee, and I've become quite accustomed to my tea.

[a sigh. yer Britannians and your crazy love for tea] Water, chocolate, or water plus chocolate has the same effects.

[Alva bites his tongue now, because the things he'd like to say are very impolite, and he hasn't been *that* long without caffeine yet.]

There's very little comparison to water and chocolate when you're talking about a good Earl Grey, Miss Hartmann.

[is not interested in that age-long debate] Well, if this is a loss, you should be able to drink tea again within a week. [probably.]

[aggrieved sigh] I'm not sure I can do this for a bloody week.

Weeeell. It could be worse?

I hardly see how...then again....

[sighs...yeah, he got off easy and he knows it, but COME ON, IT'S HIS TEA!]

Bloody hell...

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