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{004.} forever in search of truth
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alva_keel wrote in paradisa
[Having taken up almost permanent residence in the library, he actually decides to leave in search of tea and maybe a bite to eat. After all, he's been too busy, too curious to realize his stomach was growling and he doesn't have Evey around to prod at him to join her and Paul for lunch anymore or any such nonsense...]

[Pushing aside the wistful little pang that comes with remembering his team, he opens his journal and gets to the task at hand, speaking in a clear, businesslike tone as he wanders through the halls heading for the kitchen.]

In the last four weeks, we've all dealt with an onslaught of strange occurrences both subtle and extreme in nature. I, for one, am quite curious about the nature of these events, and Cair Paradisa herself. Frankly, I can't believe I'm alone in my desire to know more...and I'd like to meet my like-minded brethren.

To that end, any parties that would care to learn, to understand this living puzzle may locate me in the kitchen. My name is Alva Keel...and I look forward to meeting all of you.

{ooc: wiiiide open, Alva's recruting! :P}

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[have a short ace making her way in and looking round, the lack of pantslength beyond her lapels is NOT SUPERNATURAL]

[Have an Alva leaning against the counter with a cup of tea in hand...which he nearly drops at the sight]

[muttered under his breath]
Good Lord...

[walks over] You're Alva Keel?

Er...yes, I am...

[Very evenly, matter of fact] ...where are your trousers?

[written over the journal

You're most certainly not alone in your desire. I'd be most happy to contribute what I can, although I would have to work around the schedules of my students.

[spotting the message, he smiles and picks up his pen to jot down a response]

A teacher, wonderful. If you'd care to discuss this subject further, I'm brewing some tea in the kitchen. Care for some?

Of course. I shall be down shortly.

[Not too long after, have a silver-haired woman dressed in orange looking around for the man who's making tea.]

[Where he is, in fact, just pouring two cups when she comes in. Glancing up, he offers her a pleasant smile and gestures to both cups.]

Ah, you must be the individual with the wonderful penmanship...cream or sugar in your tea, Miss?

I would suggest talking to any of the Doctors. They might enjoy something like that.

Doctors? I'm aware there are a few physicians in this castle, but I'm afraid you'll have to be a bit more specific.

Oh--um. He's just ... the Doctor. That's his name--Doctor. I promise you if you open your journal and say "Hey, Doctor?" you'll get at least three responses. They're all the same guy.

Really now? Fascinating...I may have to try that, especially if they might have an interest in this venture. You've been most helpful, Miss...er...

You got ideas on how to find out more?

More than a few. I am no stranger to the supernatural, nor am I strange as to the study of it. My organization back home specialized in just this sort of activity.

Sounds pretty impressive. So you don't mind sharing 'em?

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