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Two [178]
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not_from_mars wrote in paradisa
[alors, the sound of the journal opening and Ten putting his feet up on the edge of the console as he sits on the Crappy Yellow Flight Chair of Crappiness. Dictated:]

Good morning, Paradisa! Well, the last few days have certainly been pretty - sort of - interesting. I heard that it gets a bit mad 'round here, but this was a surprise. And not a whole lot surprises me in the 'mad' department any more.

[pause as he sips at his tea]

So -- it's the eleventh of March, yeah? I'm not seeing any sort of comprehensible calendar system at all when it comes to determining the year - not that I'm surprised under the circumstances - but it's interesting how closely this planet follows Earth. Anyone have any ideas on that front?

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It's the eleventh of March? I wished I'd known, because by my calculations, that would make it the equivalent of my birthday going by Earth's calendar.

Oh, really? Well then, happy birthday.

Thank you, that's very kind of you. It's a shame there's no-one here to recognise the gifting traditions of birthdays on my planet, but you can't have everything can you? Like you said, it's all Earth, Earth, Earth here.

And what gifting traditions of what planet would those be?

Oh it's nothing really, and I'm sure the curse doesn't apply here if they're broken...

At least I hope not.

[concern that may be convincingly faked; HE READS, VALA]

Curse? Really?

[fff, he would wouldn't he? >:| Never-the-less she continues in earnest with the utmost sincerity]

The first person to bestow birth day greetings upon the recipient must present them with a gift of some value, usually jewellry of some description that they can then offer to Qetesh to thank her for their health, otherwise the curse of Qetesh, who was a wise and powerful God will...

...well it doesn't bear thinking about really.

[:C gasp] What a horrible curse for a wise and powerful God to put on her people. [GODS? HE LAUGHS AT YOUR GOD... ESSES]

Well, perhaps not so wise but certainly powerful, and not technically a God either, but never-the-less, still a very real curse and who knows if it would carry over to Paradisa, I mean I wouldn't have thought that the effects of the Kor Mak bracelets would carry over to here, but they did.

[throw in enough truths and it sounds real, yes?]

Well, if that was pre-established, there might be a difference. I don't believe in curses, myself. Very unfortunate, though!

[silent sigh and an eyeroll.]

In that case, don't worry about it, I'll still invite you to the funeral of my first born. Sorry, what was your name? I'll start drafting up the guest list.

Oh, I suppose it can't hurt to send something along. Now, who should I send it to? Vala, Doctor Vala or Vala the Castle Hostess? Or should I just forward it to Daniel for you?

... [Damn! thinking, thinking]

Ah right... well I'm schizophrenic, just a little bit. It's not usually a problem, but they've yet to sort out my medication since I arrived?

...You're not buying this are you? Triplets? Unfortunate spate of castle losses?

Oh come on, I deserve at least a B for brilliant.

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