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001 // Waking Up
[01] My girl's like candy‚ a candy treat
sweetshinigami wrote in paradisa
[Written. The print is very neat and very girly. Expect lots of hearts on the i's and little swirls with the ending of letters. All in pretty cursive writing - very legible and very open to all for now.]

.. Where is this? It doesn't seem like a bad place, that much is certain.
I woke up in a strange room today. Compared to my bedroom in Meifu, this one is just.. wow! It really is a beautiful room - big bed, big wardrobe, a great desk too! I went through the wardrobe first thing and everything seems to belong to me.. but how?

I can't stay here too long though. I have a lot of work to do in Meifu! And my friends will start worrying if they can't find me. I don't want to worry anyone....

Can I even leave... wherever this is? There's even a nameplate with my name on it on the door. How did they know to put it there...

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[looks at the new entry for a minute before deciding to try and write back for the hell of it, to see if it works. new toys are fun!]

Hey, new girl! I just got here yesterday, too, so. I don't know much. But it's a castle. And it's magic. And has THREE bars, and a library and a kitchen. And there's a town outside. Apparently, we can't leave.

I haven't looked in my wardrobe yet. If it's full of suits I think I just might cry. One single, very manly tear.

- Barney Stinson

[And indeed it does! Soon more feminie swirling joins the former.]

Magic? ... Wow, the whole castle is? That sounds like a fairy tale to me. I'll have to explore sometime and see!

Mine's full of things I would usually wear so... I assume yours would be too maybe? If the castle is magic, maybe it knows what you like!

~ Wakaba ♥

Yeah, it's pretty sweet. I'd show you around, but I only know where the kitchen and the bar are, so far. Maybe we could explore together.

I just checked my wardrobe. One single, very manly tear was indeed shed. This is so awesome.

Wakaba, huh? So you're Japanese?

Oh, that would be nice! You know more than I do anyhow, I haven't looked around at all yet.

I'm glad to hear that! I wonder how this place knows..

Mhm! I'm from the mainland, near Tokyo. Where are you from? Ah, you're probably American, aren't you!

I know a little more. There's a really awesome guy named Jude that offered to show me around some more later. :D

I am, indeed, American. I'm from New York City ... which is kinda our Tokyo. Unless that's more LA. I've heard LA's weirder than we are... not saying YOU'RE weird, of course.

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