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002. - This Is One Thing You Can't Take Away...
[Emote] Love Me Love My Pez
pez_love wrote in paradisa
[lots of pen tapping can be heard, a little ink is spattered, and finally writing begins to appear in strong, slanted print]

I know I can speak into this journal, but writing sometimes helps me think. Getting things down on paper where I can see them laid out nice and neat.

I've been here for a while, and so far I think this place is really quite fantastic! I'm constantly finding Pez in my room, I suppose I've been wanting it without meaning to. This castle's very receptive to the desires of others, to all outward appearances...

But the one thing I really wanted is gone. I checked this morning: Miss Parker is gone.

She wasn't happy here, I know, and I hope she's happier back where she came from. Still, I do feel a little lonely. There were things I wanted to say and do, things I lost my chance at.


[audible sigh]

There's something gratifying, though, about the fact that I have no one but myself to blame. It's reminded me that I'm free here, where the Centre can't touch me. I guess what I'm trying to say is that in this place I can be whoever I want to be...including just me.

I'm really hoping that maybe here, I can find out who that is.

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[written ftw]

I understand what you mean about writing; I suppose it's more of a habit for those of us who come from a society without long-distance vocal communication. It's also easier to keep one's foot out of one's mouth if there is no mouth involved.

Best of luck in discovering yourself.

[More writing, 'cause Jarod rocks like that.]

Thank you for the support! I do come from a world with long distance communication, but I find that organizing my thoughts this way is very helpful. When I used to work, I often documented my projects in notebooks.

My name is Jarod, by the way. It's good to meet you!

Aha, one who writes by choice rather than habit. I applaud the decision.

It is a pleasure, Jarod. My name is Raine Sage, and at home I was a teacher; most likely the cause of my fondness for the written word.

Thank you! I enjoy writing letters and notes for the same reason. It's so much more personal than anything else. Many of my friends and former co-workers can attest to that.

The pleasure's mine, Raine. So you were a teacher? That's a wonderfully satisfying job...I've been a teacher several times myself.

Indeed. I also find it easier to remember things after I've written them down - perhaps I find it easier to visualize words than remember sounds. And I also find that perusing what I've written is an excellent way to pick out relevant details.

I was, and it is. More recently I've been doing diplomatic work, but I hope once we get the situation as settled as it can be that I can go back into teaching. It's so satisfying to see my students out in the world, accomplishing great things.

Freedom is a pretty valued commodity even when it's found in a crazy castle that won't let you go anywhere else but here.

It really is! I've been away from the Centre for a long time, but...

I'm starting to realize that even when I was loose, I was never truly free.

It's quite nice, isn't it? Not having to worry about those who could cause you harm in this place. Makes all the losses and insanity worthwhile.

It is rather...liberating. A little scary, too, but I'm up to the task.

Good to hear. I take it this Centre place isn't a happy one.

[from the sound of his voice, it's a clear-cut negatory on this one]

The Centre is a research facility...the people there stole me from my family when I was a child.

Hmm, definitely not a fun place, then. You never can trust those scientists.

Not all of them are bad. Just the people in charge...some of the people who were chasing me were only doing their jobs, and I respect that. That's why I really don't like to hurt anyone if I can help it. I had a lot of chances, but I rarely took them unless...well, unless it was extreme.

[That sounds familiar >>]
Well, I suppose when you work for an evil firm, it's not something you can easily get out with, and it puts bread on the table.

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