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004 - Oops?
xiaomeimei wrote in paradisa
Seems, I got a whole bunch of fancy clothes--I think they might be Inara's--in my closet, an' none of my own anywhere to be found.

I'm pretty sure that ain't right...

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You can come see if there's anything you like more in Eight's TARDIS wardrobe, if you like. I'm sure he wouldn't mind.

I'm pretty sure I didn't understand most of that 'cept an offer to come an' find clothes, which is awful nice of you!

[chuckle] I'm the Doctor, the TARDIS is my ship. What year are you from?

2517, but I ain't ever heard of a TARDIS. What class ship is it?

She's not exactly that kind of ship. TARDIS stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space. She's a Time Lord ship. And I think we've got something suitable for your year.

Really? An' you wouldn't mind? I mean, I figure the castle oughta give me stuff back, but maybe it figures I don't want it anymore or something....

No idea about the castle, but I'm pretty sure Eight won't mind a few of his clothes missing. I mean, he hasn't got any companions on board anyway, and it's not like he's going to prance around in girl's clothes. ...Well. Most likely not, haven't got the chance to get him drunk yet.


Well, then, okay. Thanks! That's real kind of you. Um...where's this TARDIS?

What...sort of clothes do you usually wear? [sounds a bit dazed; still recovering from week of being crazy]

[she's all unsure, too]

Um, sundresses, sometimes. Overalls. Cargo pants and boots and peasant tops...I gotta have functional things for the engine room, but I try an' have things that are at least sort of pretty, too...

If you, um, don't find enough in the Doctor's ship...

I've been working at the hospital, in the city, and there are shops... [ahem] There's bound to a few things you'd like, and we would be contributing to the economy.

[long pause is long?] I...are you offering to take me shopping?

...Oh. Um...

Okay. If'n you want to.

Good! Good. [reigns in the shocked nervous glee] We could...go tomorrow, then, in the evening? If you want.

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