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003 - Brand New Girl
screw you
xiaomeimei wrote in paradisa
[oh, look! Proper diction. With a slightly disdainful tone. In fact, it's almost not recognizable as Kaylee, except for a bit of an accent, still]

What is the meaning of some of the clothes in my closet? Peasant dresses? Overalls? I think one of the shirts has grease on it.

This isn't acceptable. There's only two dresses I can even think about being seen in.

Inara, please tell me you've got something I can borrow until the castle or the ghosts find me something appropriate?

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[at the mention of Inara's name River recognizes Kaylee's voice... though it does seem a bit off]

Kaylee, I'm glad you're alright. I can't seem to find Simon anywhere, have you seen him?


Why wouldn't I be all right?

No, I haven't seen him. He doesn't even remember me, so why would I bother?

It seems there's something going on with the residents here... a lot of confusion.

[lots of compassion] It's not his fault Kaylee... he's been through so much. I'm sorry he doesn't remember. I know he cared about you.

I'm not confused.

[sniffs. More disdainful than hurt.] It's his loss. I'm tired of sitting around mooning after him like some lovesick schoolgirl just to have him barely notice me, anyway--all for him to, what? Forget I even exist? I deserve better than that.

[Rather drawly and sloppy diction in her reply]

Sure. Whatever. Come get whatever you want.

[relieved sigh]

Thank you. I'll be there in just a moment.

Right, sure, take your time. Door's open.

[timeskip, and she's letting herself in, and for all that she was going to borrow Inara's clothes, actually seeing her doesn't seem to throw her.]

What's wrong with my closet? Do you think the ghosts mixed things up?

[Is flopped down on the divan in sweat pants and a tank top, all messy haired and un-made up, doodling in her journal. Her pretty Companiony wardrobe is scattered about, things draped over chairs or tossed on the bed, as though she had to dig through the closet to find something to wear and didn't bother picking up. Shoulders roll in a shrug.]

I dunno.

Playing dress up is for children.

I'm not talking about dress up, Doctor Tam. I'm talking about proper clothes so I can actually leave my room without looking like a freak.

To what? The grease? I know? I can't think how it got there....

All of it. Your entire wardrobe.

I have no idea how it got here. It must be some sort of practical joke. There are only two dresses in here even fit for wearing.

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