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Simon Tam
qiuanyi wrote in paradisa
[muffled] What…?

[thumping and sliding as he untangles himself and jumps from the bed]


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[oh, but she'd know that voice anywhere, really, especially calling for his sister, who Kaylee still hasn't actually seen, but...still. Things are awful crazy around here right now...]


[shock!] What? [frantic footsteps] Where are you?

I'm...in an apartment...somewhere in the city. Where are you?

...But I can - hear - oh. That's...odd.

...Same, actually.

....Somewhere in the city? It's real strange, Simon. We ain't normally..I mean, it was a castle just before....

Yes. It...all seems very strange regardless. I don't think I've ever been in a castle...

Well, I ain't either, but, I mean, not until...I can't believe you're here!!

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