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#002. Baby scrawl. [Journal/In Person Choice]
Baby!Lambo - Sucky sucky 10 dorra
bovinohitman wrote in paradisa
kn lambosan hav meni

shcho Klits fr valinineZ day


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L-Lambo, want me to write it for you.. ?

.. Do you want me to tell you how to spell that other stuff?

Y-you're asking for chocolate right? I can get you some if you want?

A-and ask other people to get you some too!

[Bravo, Young Vongola. XD]

Lambo-san wants chocolates for Valentines day!

Heh, thought so. So do you want me to show you how to spell all of that so you can tell everyone, Lambo?~

A-alright. So.

[long explainations and drawing on a notepad of the letters, ect.]

So the two hardest words for you to write would be, "chocolate" and "Valentines"..

So you could always say "gifts" instead of chocolate, if you want.. people might give you candy and stuff!

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