September 13th, 2010

15 bullet casings

So, uh ... one of my roommates got brought to the hospital, but ... other than bein' real dehydrated, I don't know what the hell's wrong with her...

I know people're already sayin' this is the castle up to its usual bullshit, but ... why would it do this, first? [there's a pause as she takes a drink - she's not taking any chances, after all]

This ... I know Ino's just dehydrated, but I got a feelin' in the pit of my stomach that's an awful lot like when we found Joan's body in that back alley. Like somethin's just gettin' started. ... I don't want my big-girl body back. Just my gun.

I think I speak for a few of us, 'least, when I say "fuck homework". We got other shit to worry about, now.
uh huh.  yeah that's right.

Three... Two Term Papers and a Microphone

[So classes today as usual, right? Not that Penny actually went to any of them. This one was in town, shopping instead and is now stalking the hallways during lunch, completely out of dress code unless it's been changed to include leather miniskirts and tube tops. She's also not being particularly careful in her hunt for a certain nerd and has carelessly knocked into a couple students already without bothering to apologize.

Bump into her? Wolf whistle? Hand her a detention slip for dress code violations? Just pray you're not the nerd she's looking for!

Did we mention she has a water bottle in her hand?

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Eighteen Frogs

[Puddle's been quietly watching people around the dorms and the school today, taking quiet note of the water bottles. So many water bottles.

And then there were the sick kids. Dehydration. Contagious. None of this felt right. Not to mention that a week had come and gone and he was still. human.

Lost in all his thoughts, the solemn Wiggle-turned-human can be found sitting on the bleachers by the football field, staring up at the sky]

Always said the lack of rain is unnatural. It doesn't follow the proper course of things, and that's bound to end in disaster. It's just not right.

Not that this thirst thing has anything to do with the weather, even if it is a rather lot like a drought, but I'd bet on Aslan himself that this is the castle's doing. I've no doubt about it.

Something ought to be done, not that it'll do any good, but it's plain that things won't be stopped just by waiting to see what it's got coming next. If we're bound to die either way, might as well do it properly.

42 -- All over again

[on her way to class, Sakaki pauses at a window overlooking the schoolyard and lingers. Daydreaming off somewhere for a while, she might even miss the beginning of the next class. When she finally blinks out of it, she opens her journal and gives it a little sigh]

I don't remember school being this hard the first time around. ...It's the good kind of hard, though. Even with the strange things going on.
It's a nice change.

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Ah... um. Given the-- recent trend of events, I think it's safe to say that Lilith and I will be rescheduling the wedding. I don't think things will magically fall into place by tomorrow, hm...?

For now... we'll leave the date open and see how things go in upcoming weeks. I'm sorry, for anyone who was... looking forward to it. We won't let this stop us, of course... it's just a minor setback. Right? ...Right.

Please take care of yourselves... And I'm in building D, second floor, room 7 should you need me for anything, alright? Anything at all! Don't hesitate to find me.

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You know, I was actually expecting this to be a nice, fun change of pace. You know, just living normally in this commoner school! Well. Until the castle would return us. You'd think I'd know better than to think there wasn't going to be a hitch this time.

Maaan... After all of this, I really wish we could just get a vacation. You know. A normal one.


It seems as though the problems never stop presenting themselves.

I have found myself somewhere I have never been or agreed to go to. And on a more pressing matter, it appears that my young master has gone missing. Everything else looks to be in tact, and I was provided with this journal in which I am writing. In it I am also able to see writings of others. Perhaps they are from here as well. Of course I will look into this further, but first I need to see to it that my master is safe somewhere.

If there is someone out there able to view my writings as well, any information on this place would be appreciated.

serious ⋙ okay prime

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[Clark walks into the room, strides to the chalkboard, and writes:]

Chapters 8-12.
1500 word summary by the end of the class.


[And then he says, clearly irritable:]

Get to work, now. No talking, no shuffling, no moving around the classroom, no bathroom breaks, nothing. Just get out your textbooks and do your damn work.

[And then he sits at his desk, leaning back in his chair with his feet up on the corner of the desk. He's just going to pull out a magazine and read.

Whatcha gonna do.]

─ eighty-five

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[ someone is sitting by her locker but looking incredibly frustrated at the book in her lap. she frowns, begins to write something, then she groans aloud and furiously erases whatever it is. looks like she's trying to solve math.
If a is a prime number and a[(a-1)! + 1] is divisible by 2a, then a^a is? (! : factorial)

but not getting anywhere. :( ]

I know this. I think I do. Why can't I think straight?!

[ added in shortly after ]

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Shocking Others - Eva and Negi

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[Park filter]

[it's evening and the sun's slowly setting, but still there's a little girl and an older one in the middle of a park in town: it's brightly lit, so it's safe, and the particular area they're in is a small playground; there's a sandbox, a small seesaw, and a swing set... the smaller one being pushed by the other... they're silent for a bit, and then]

So tell me, Chie. Why weren't you at school today? I didn't take you for the rebellious type.
- impossibly Five -

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Well, I've finished my science report ... hardly a challenge at all! ... I do hope they've got plenty of water stocked, we all seem to be going through a good deal of it.

And ... I know this is all very stressful for some of us, but ...

[he shakes his head, picking up the last of his homework and books to head out of the library] It's no reason for people to lose their minds, is it?

It's been a long time since I was in a body this young, but ... at least I can try and keep a level head.

Has anyone heard anything?

[with that, he'll start heading back to his dorm - feel free to run into him!]

#12: the time with the moustaches

[while everyone else is running around either trying to skip or not fail class, or freaking out about the human raisins, Rusty is doing what down-and-out superscientists stuck in their teenage bodies do best:

taking advantage of the situation.

he's sitting in the school lobby at a rickety folding table, with several Tupperware pitchers full of something strangely orange-colored, and a few bags of Solo cups.

there's a sign lettered on posterboard, hanging from the front of the table:


so, Paradisans ... how thirsty are you?]