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A panfandom roleplay

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twelfth examination [ dictated / written ]
and around [ it was in for ]
longaevus wrote in paradisa
For those that many not know me my name is Helen Magnus, I'm one of the doctors at the clinic. Although there should always be someone in the clinic, in cases where there isn't - or if there is a problem that makes that situation impossible, I though it prudent to list those that staff the clinic so that you would know who to ask for.

[ And she writes the list: ]
Helen Magnus: xenobiology, teratology, cryptozoology, human medicine
Gregory House: diagnostic medicine, nephrology, infectious diseases
James Watson: xenobiology, teratrology, cryptozoology, human medicine
Tear Grants: first aid, healing
Anders: healing
Yamanaka Ino: surgery
Hesam: paramedic
Duke Pantarei: battlefield medicine (animals & non-humans)
Robert Chase: diagnostic medicine, cardiology, surgery
Rory Williams: nursing
John Watson: surgery, general (human) medicine
Carson Beckett: surgery, general (human) medicine, experimental medicine, genetics
Peter Petrelli: paramedic
Allen Walker: first aid
If you do happen to have any problems with the clinic [ Or its staff. House, she's keeping an eye on you ] please don't hesitate to bring them up.

Thank you.

[ James Watson ]
Are you busy?

[ ooc; backdated to yesterday. if you don't want your character in the list let me know & I'll take it out. I got it from this list ]

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[Busy? Nope, just brooding and nursing a bad back, but he won't say that.]

No, I am not, any particular reason why you ask?

james watson;
[ Does he really need to ask? It's payback your turn ]

Then perhaps you'd be available for the afternoon? [ She has a plan ]

[ Aaaand have a question dictated into the journal. ]

So, who would I go to if it's a dragon or pony that's sick or injured?

Both myself and James Watson have experience dealing with non-human beings, and Duke Pantarei has specified animals.

Helen ] (ignore him; leave him on the list 8D)

Don't put my name on that list. [People might call him up. Asking for the cure to a runny nose or because they sliced their arm open being dumbasses. Think of the poor doctor.]

House | she ignores him anyway;
There's little that I can do about that now. [ Well she could cross through it but it would still be visible ]

[There's a surprised pause. Partly because he sees the name John Watson on there, which he recognizes from stories- though then again weirder things have happened. But mostly because his name is on there- who in their right mind would call for the guy that only knows first aid?]


Thank you for putting this list together, Dr. Magnus!

You're welcome. When I first arrived I had little idea as to who was in the clinic; it's helpful to know if just in case.

It'll be a pleasure working with you.

That is so many studies. What is teratology? And nephrology?

Nephrology is the study of the kidneys, whilst teratology is the study of physiological abnormalities, or defects as many would call them.

I'm not a doctor, but if worse comes to worse, I'm not bad with battlefield medicine.

What's your experience?

Thank you, ma'am. I'm looking forward to the chance to work again.

Hopefully the need won't be there all too often.

dictation ) late to the party

This is a good idea. Keeping a list.

I believed it to be helpful for those that may require help.

Thank you for this, Helen, it's much appreciated. I wonder, are you in need of any volunteers? I'd like to help if I may.

I would always appreciate the help, especially from someone as knowledgable as yourself.

If need be, I will offer my own talents as a healer. May I ask, however, if you have spoken with Lord Elrond? In our own world, he is renowned for his abilities in this area; his skill exceeds even my own.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

I will have to contact him regarding that, it is something that I was unaware of. Thank you.

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