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A panfandom roleplay

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♈ Aradia: For real this time.
ar0se wrote in paradisa
[Yuan and the Peace Patrol]

Hello, and I will get right to the point: I would like to know what's become of the prisoners who were inadvertently freed while we were in Paris. Did they reappear imprisoned in the Dead Zone, or are they still free?

If so, then it goes without saying that we will need to mount some sort of re-arresting effort. I would be willing to help recapture any of them except Legato, who would probably just kill me again.


If it's all right with you, I'd like to resume my training as soon as possible. I was working with Altaïr before, but as you are his descendant and equally heavily armed I think it's safe to guess that you are at least almost as awesome. In any case I've been letting it go for way too long and I'll need to be in fit fighting shape if I want to do any substantial work in the Dead Zone. What do you say?
P.S. I might bring my moirail along too if that's ok.


Hey. Do you want to come with me to practice? You don't have to join in if you don't want, but I think you'd probably like it.

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[He's not a teacher, not by far -- he's not sure how he would train anyone, let alone a little girl. He's been trained by so many people, but he doesn't know if he has it in him to teach another.

So, after some contemplation, he replies:]

I cannot promise the same leadership or method that Altair may have used, but I would be honoured to try to follow in his footsteps. And your "moirail" is Solus, correct?

[pause, wait, back up a sec ------!!]

Also, I am Altair's descendant?

It's Sollux, but yeah, that's him. Thank you so much!

And yes? At least that's what I assumed. Or is he yours? You said you're related, anyway.

Sollux. My apologies, these names are difficult on my tongue. When would you like to go?

It seems I have uncovered some new truths in the future, then, as I know nothing of our connected lineage.

Anytime's good. I could even do it now if you're ready. [And then Sollux could come whenever he felt like getting off his butt.]

And yes that's quite likely! The last you that was here was pretty old, so you've got plenty of time to find out.

I shall ready some horses, and we can ride for the Dead Zone.

[Wherever that is.


I never would have considered it, but I suppose our line is long...

Oh - you really want to go to the Dead Zone right away? It's like a hundred miles out. I thought we'd just work in the courtyard or something.

You do look just like him, you know! I ... guess you've never seen him to know that. But you do, right down to the scar.


I did not know it was so far. You are right; a courtyard will do for now.

[Except that's curious.]

Even the same scar? That would take an extraordinary feat of luck...

Or circumstantial simultaneity. I'll meet you there in five? [She doesn't need five, herself, but.]

I'd much rather not spend another two weeks without your company, if at all possible.

[[placeholder! pending mod answer on prisoner status. XD]]

Haha... technically I didn't get a two-week vacation the last time, you know. We just haven't run into each other, I don't think.

So what's happened to them?

[[alright ;) ]]

Ahhh. Yes, now that you mention it, we didn't - I was quite busy building the zero cells for Legato and Joshua.

The former is still there, by the by. I checked the moment I realized we were back. He's not pleased about it, but that's hardly any concern of mine. ... Billy and Nikola are still there, as well.

[muns have been asked, all is well. ;D]

Ahh, good, that takes a load off my mind. What's a zero cell, though?

A zero cell? Oh, it's a variation on the Zero Room in my TARDIS - the wall paneling is specially engineered to act as a psychic dampener. Sort of like a mental clean room, filters out any outside influence. The original practical use for the Zero Room was for it to function as a dwelling of simplicity, a place where telepathically sensitive people can heal and escape from the various troubles they might have. But it's proven very useful in restricting the powers of folks such as Legato.

[... wait a sec something about this is sticking out to her.]

That's really something, but... why go to all that effort when they're being held in the Dead Zone anyway?

Oh, they're not - they're being held in the Peace Patrol cells, below. Riful was the only one actually being held beyond the borders, but since she's gone, well ...

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