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A panfandom roleplay

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A Very Merry Late X-Mas
wishmadeinfire wrote in paradisa

[Filter Cross, Minnie, Draco, Ianto, Galadriel, Minnie, and Kasanoda]

[All of you will go back to your rooms today and either find the package sitting outside of the door or inside on a clearly visible surface. Everyone's package will have a note with it - 

I am sorry these are rather late, but between the whole Paris experience, I did not quite get the chance to have this ready on time. I wanted them to be absolutely right before giving them, so I apologize for their lateness. Think of them as Christmas-New Year's gifts. 

- Ashura

[The following list is not written, but it's what everyone got:

Cross: two bottles of a specially wished up wine that has been aromatically spiced, so it has a warm flavor going down, a flavor reminiscent of Ashura's home world he thought you might like

Minnie: A lovely dark purple half-cloak, line with white faux-fur and complete with a cloak pin made of a gold colored substance and set with an engraved and stylized 'M'

Draco: A sword, long and light, like Ashura's former blade, the hilt guard designed like two open mouthed dragons, and the top of the hilt set with a clear, green stone, a stylized, golden 'D' within it

Kasanoda: A sword, a bit broader than Draco's, the hilt designed like two roaring lions, the hilt set with a clear, red jewel, and a stylized golden 'K' inside

Ianto: A new tie, made from fine silk, colored a dark blue and stitched with a black, fluid pattern, as well as a golden colored pin with a stylized 'I' on it, all in a special tie-sorting case (that can hold more than one tie)

Galadriel: A special hair pin and stick, a broad, stylized floral design with small strands dripping down and set with crystals. The effect would make it seem like her golden hair had dew drops on it]

[/End Filter]

[Filter Felix]

I know I am out and about today, but tonight could we have dinner together? I want to give you your Christmas gift, even though I know it is somewhat late.

[/End Filter]

[Filter to Geoffrey]

I read your book of poems. They were lovely! I hope you have some more for me soon. If you like, I can give you the book back, though truth be told I would personally like to keep it. Thank you for letting me read them.

[/End Filter]

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Mine is even later, I'm afraid, so I have no room to complain.

Haha, good, so neither of us can feel to guilty. Be on time for dinner, won't you?

I will try not to involve myself in any magical mishaps in that case.

That would be most appreciated, Felix.

[There is amusement in his voice.]

I take it you have something planned?

[Oh, Ashura. You do have excellent taste. She may or may not be standing in front of a mirror, admiring the effect as we speak.]

You are far too generous, my friend. I thank you for the lovely gift.

You are welcome, Galadriel. I had hoped you would like it.

You know me well. And you do have exquisite taste.

Yes, Ianto, I am.

Did you receive my gift?

I did. It's very beautiful Ashura, you shouldn't have.

[Draco is grinning waving his sword around]

Merlin's beard, this is stunning.

I felt you had earned it - a true blade. Practice swords are well and good, but a true fighter has a blade they call their own, that they know so well it is more extension than weapon. I hope this blade becomes that for you, Draco.

It's...it's perfect. Thank you.

The book was meant to be a present. It is yours. And I am so glad you liked them. I shall work on more, but, alas, I have been having difficulties as of late.

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