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A panfandom roleplay

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Mission 001 [Dictated]
noble5 wrote in paradisa
[There's a clunking sound over the journals, one attributed to someone wearing some heavy-duty armour picking themselves up from the ground.

This time, it belongs to one Chief Warrant Officer Jorge-052, waking up in his room in the castle...

And wondering how the hell he got there.]

... Ugh. Where the hell am I?

[A pause, and then the following filters out]

This is Noble Five, calling on all UNSC frequencies. Requesting pickup. Current location... [He looks around] Unknown. Looks to be... [Another pause] Some sort of fancy hotel room. Repeat, requesting pickup, over.

[His journal is open nearby, and any UNSC personnel who happen to have their radios on will hear the transmission.]

((OOC: Open to all. Be ready to have one confused Supersoldier.))

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Paradisa is the name of the current location, although it seems specifically that you have landed in your room. [ Most helpful randomnly deep voiced journal ever? ]

[That sounded like someone's in the room. Jorge turns around toward the bedside table, armour clanking as he does so.]

Who's there?

[His helmet isn't picking anything up. Active Camo, maybe?]

[Pinged like crazy, yo.] Noble Five, this is Agent Carolina of Project Freelancer with the UNSC. You're in Cair Paradisa. I'll need your room number for further briefing. [And to make sure he's actually a Spartan before possibly giving out more information.]

[There's a pause here. Project Freelancer? Never heard of it.]

Negative, agent. This is a secure channel, isn't it?

[He wasn't about to reveal his location to someone he's never heard of]

[Have a response coming through the radio.] Jorge?

Is that really you?


[Finally, someone who can answer some questions!]

Yeah, it's really me. Where the hell am I? Last I remember is that I was on that damned Covvie Corvette.

[He's a little startled when the unfamiliar voice suddenly appears inside his helmet, causing him to stop what he was doing and quietly tilt his head.] ... Noble Five?

[Only UNSC people he knew that went by Noble were - oh. Oh.]

Sir. You're a long way from home. This is Paradisa.

[Frowning slightly at the non-standard reply, Jorge responds]

Paradisa? Never heard of a colony called that. Where is it?

[And more importantly, how'd he get here?]

You've been brought to a place of evil. A place of magic that steals you away from your home.

Oh, Jon, you so gloomy.

[Jorge jumps at the voice, moving around to try and find the source. Sounded like it was coming from within the room...]

Who's there?

dictated; here! have all my CR ever! :D

Perhaps you are in hell itself. When I first arrived, I thought I had landed myself in heaven. But this place does tend to play its nasty little tricks on its residents.

[The talking book makes him jump, as he thinks someone else is in the room with him.

Hell? Yeah, that'd make sense.]

Someone there?

[He wasn't detecting any other life signs, any weird signals. Maybe his HUD was broken? Either way, there's the sound of clanking armour as he looks around, tensed up.]

Hello, Jorge. You don't know me, but I know your name through Kat. A good friend when she was here. I know she wouldn't have thanked me for giving you a hard time.

My name's Washington. From UNSC Project Freelancer. Need anything, just say the word. I owe Kat that much.

/messing with time a wee bit.

[Another Freelancer? These guys were common.]

I still haven't heard of Project Freelancer, agent. And I don't trust things I haven't heard of, which, if you know about us, shouldn't surprise you.

[No messing about, straight out and to the point.]

Noble Six has appraised me of the situation, and the fact that Noble Two has spent the most time with Project Freelancer. Rest assured, that whatever working environment that Noble Two established will be upheld.

[Which, basically, translates as "I'll work with you, but we're not friends." At least, not yet.]

Hello, are you okay? Do you need any assistance?

I'm fine.

[He sounds a bit surprised at that, and then his tone is on the defensive]

Who are you, and where the hell am I?

[That said, the voice sounded awfully close. He's just going to start looking around for where Ianto is.]

[UNSC? Jade remembered that from the other who he'd spoken to. He writes back, the journal speaking to the man in a slight monotone.]

'I believe your comrades are here. I came into contact with Agent Carolina, I believe.'

[Jorge jumps at that, the SPARTAN a little bit on edge.]

Agent Carolina? Never heard of 'em.

[Of course, that was saying nothing. The UNSC Navy was huge.]

Where are you? Show yourself.

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