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A panfandom roleplay

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Fifteenth Spell
courageous_wit wrote in paradisa
[Hermione is sitting outside doing a star chart. She seems to be very into her work when a cat waddles up to her. It has a present for her!]

Oh! Crookshanks! What's that in your mouth, hm? ... It's a S.P.E.W badge! Wherever did you get that?

[she laughs and cradles the badge in her hand. It's been a long time since she's seen it, and it brings back good memories]

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[Vivi may have been following Crookshanks around for a bit.]

Hi there! Is this your kitty then?

Yes, he's mine. His name is Crookshanks.

[Several yards away, this girl's sprawled out on a bench reading a fashion magazine. She's been watching Hermione out of the corner of her eye since she sat down, trying to place why she looks so familiar, and when the cat waddles up she finally blurts out the first thing that comes to mind.]

Is that a cat, or a porcupine? I can't tell.

[Hermione glances up and recognizes Alex, though she hasn't seen the girl in a long time]

A cat, of course. He just needs a bit of grooming.

Ah, sorry, his girth kinda threw me off.

[At the word "girth" she makes a vague hand gesture to represent something obscenely round. Then, as if she hadn't just randomly insulted this chick's cat, Alex sits up on the bench and puts the fashion magazine down, revealing that she hadn't merely been reading it - she'd been using magic to give all of the models pig snouts.]

You're that witch girl. The one from England.

Isn't that the name of that....elf thing you run.

Yes, it is! Though I haven't had any time for it in months.

Perhaps this is the castle's way of reminding you of it. Though I am unsure what you could do here. [What with most of Paradisa's evles being dangerous violent and all]

[Aradia is going for a late-night walk and happens to be nearby because reasons.]

A what badge?

S.P.E.W! It's an organization I started at school.

I am a little afraid to ask what it did.

[Sorry, Hermione ;;

Geoff chuckles.


[it's a very unfortunate acronym] S.P.E.W!

I apologize, my lady. Do tell, what does S.P.E.W. stand for?

Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare. It's an organization I started at school.

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