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loisfuckinglane wrote in paradisa
[Filtered to those from home and her close friends here (if you think that means you, it does)]

With things boiling to a head so fast here, and people disappearing, I figured I'd check in and find out what everyone's doing during all this.


Ollie, I'm planning on manning Watchtower whenever possible, to try to keep an eye on what's going on inside these walls.  If anyone wants to go shifts with me (or just supply fresh coffee), I'd appreciate it.
It'd be nice to know which ones of you are planning to jump into the fray.  
I'm guessing that means you.

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That's what I have planned.

We'll see, though. Last time Riful launched an attack, something or someone put me to sleep for the entire time. It seemed really... convenient.

Call me selfish, but I really hope we can avoid a Rip Van Kryptonian this time.

I really hope so, too. This stuff is shaping up to be pretty complicated, and we can use as much power as we can get.

[Lois Lane. Friend from home. Reporter. All things that he's got not only in his notes, but from his extensive research and planning. Watchtower though... that's currently being used for their own research into the castle.

It wouldn't be good to have someone snooping around in there. Especially not a reporter. However, he had this covered.]

Watchtower might be a bust, Lois. What little we were able to maintain as surveillance before we all joined the pirate express was destroyed during that invasion. We haven't really had time to reinstall anything.

As for the fray, I'm going to be fray adjacent -- or at least not in the midst of it. [Actually, he'd planned on using the fact that most of the people would be out there or away to get to the bottom of this 'mole' within the castle.]

Well there go all my plans for being useful.

Any idea about where exactly this fray-adjacent position of yours is going to be?

Ignore Oliver. I have computers set up on the first floor of my house. I don't mind helping you with this, and my house remained untouched after we returned.

[ i mean seriously lois, are you surprised? lana has had this ready for a loooong time. pre-isis, if you will! ]

But please don't tell him, or anyone else. I'm letting you know because I believe in your conviction and think you're going to be the best for this.

[not surprised in the least, brosis.]

Not that I'm glad to hear I'm the on trustworthy list, but since when has Ollie not made the cut? Did I miss a memo?

It has nothing to do with him. I've just never found any reason to let anyone know. Watchtower has always been a bit more reliable, and productive, if less private.

I expect you to respect my privacy while using it, though. I know it's in your nature to snoop around, but...

[ given that all her special drawers and cabinets are locked, anyway, she's not that worried ]

After the last beating Riful handed out to me, I'm staying in the castle and not suicidally going after her like a bloody lunatic.

I never thought I'd be so relieved to hear you say that.

All in one piece in this corner. How are you doing?

Fighting the good fight. Erring on the side of grim but determined.

So, the usual, then?

I'm quite curious about what's going on.

Do you know anyone who's gone missing?

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