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001 Step Ahead.
foolishrisk wrote in paradisa

[It had been nearly twenty four hours since Thomas Elliot, known to some as Hush, had ended up in this rather bland bed room. At first he had thought he had been caught again, whisked away by Zatanna to a new prison for Bruce's lost boys to hold and use.

He waited patiently for the first six, he wasn't going to give them the satisfaction of seeing him squirm like some defeated animal. Though, after nine hours passed he began to get rather suspicious. It wasn't like Grayson to just leave him unchecked, even more so in a seemingly normal bedroom while dressed in a three piece suit while still looking like Bruce Wayne.

Eventually he would get up to his feet and stepped toward the door slowly, he raised his hand toward the knob but didn't touch it immediately, considering for a moment if it had been booby trapped in some way. Though he figured if they were out to hurt him, not only would they have done so before, but they wouldn't have left him in such a cozy little bedroom.

Hush took hold of the doorknob and was pleasantly surprised when it simply turned and opened. He poked his head out the doorway and glanced from right to left, the castle hallway he found himself in was unfamiliar and unspectacular, he immediately caught sight of a name plate by his door that read “Thomas Elliot” and decided to quickly remove it from the wall and bring it in with him, simply by the chance that he might run into someone that might recognize him as Bruce Wayne than by his real name.

With the nameplate in hand, he returned to the room and was about to sit down on the bed when he caught sight of a book on a desk, he set the nameplate down and picked up the book, he began to flip through the pages and was rather surprised to find that he hadn't been recaptured at all. Well at least not by who he had originally suspected.

Within hours of glancing through this journal, Hush felt he had a vague understanding of just where he was and how things worked here. His eyes eventually shifted back toward the nameplate and took hold of it again. It was a rather annoying task, but with some work he had managed to flip the steel part of the nameplate over and began carving another name onto this fresh clean side. When it was done, it looked just like it had before but read “Bruce Wayne” now instead of “Thomas Elliot.” Hush rose to his feet, taking the nameplate and the journal with him as he left the room, hanging the changed nameplate back where he had originally found it.

Hush the set out about to untuck his shirt, and undo a few of the buttons on it. He kicked off one of his shoes, watching as it landed back in his room. He finished off by messing up the collar on his dress shirt and ruffling his hair, making it look as though he had just crawled out of bed. He began to walk down the hallway acting in a rather convincing way like he were in a daze and not entirely sure where he was.]

Alfred! Where are you? I don't think I've slept in a bed that uncomfortable before... Just where are we? And what's for breakfast? [Hush called out confused, using his rather convincing impersonation of Bruce Wayne.]

((ooc, Open! Hush Bruce Wayne is here! Feel free to run into him in the halls or talk to him in the journal!)

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Bruce? Is that you?

Yes... This isn't Jezebel is it? I know I said I'd call you back last week, but it's a terribly long story... It involves a cruise across the Caribbean with the entire cast from a Russian Ballet I liked.

You were on my mind the entire time though, I assure you.

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Bruce, this is Lois. Lois Lane? Daily Planet, Metropolis? [He might not remember their best bro-ship here, but even the Bruce who'd she met for what was to her the first time before had already known her. And dated her. Surely he'd remember that?]

Oh yes, I do believe I own the Daily Planet.

What can I do for you Ms. Lane?

Well, that's a new one.

I can't tell you how glad I am to hear you're back around here.

I'm touched that you missed me so much.

Listen, I'm still getting used to the castle and really haven't had anyone to show me around.

Do you think you might be able to give me a little tour?

Sure. I figure someone has to give you the details, and you let see all your files the last time you were here, so it might as well be me. We can walk and talk.

Where are you?

[Hush smirked, he couldn't help but think this was a little too convenient.[

I've just been wandering around the halls, but I can be at room 204 in just a moment, that's the room I was "given" on arrival.

Don't move a muscle. I'm on my way.

[Doo doo doo insert travel time, oh HERE SHE COMES... /knock knock knock]

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Voice; Private > action

[Opens the door and takes a moment to look you over.]

Excellent! I was hoping you'd look as you sound!

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[Oh for the love of... she rolls her eyes and grabs him by the arm, yanking him out into the hallway and pulling his door shut. That's right, Lois Lane is not afraid to manhandle Bruce Wayne X( ]

Ok, playboy routine's officially over for today. We've? Got shop to talk. Plus, you should know that Clark's here. [She holds up her hand and waggles her engagement ring] Very here. Consider that territory 100% off limits.

Has someone explained to you where you are?

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[Hush simply allows himself to be pulled out of the room. Perhaps he's pretend he like a woman that takes charge? He glances at the ring and suddenly looks rather uninterested.]

Well this "Clark" sounds like a very lucky individual.

And yes, I've already been told about the magic kidnapping castle.

Good. That saves me some time. [She'll just set off down the hall at a clipped pace] What about your team? [Or... what's left of it]

[Hush follows along, matching pace with her.]

Team? I'm sorry I haven't exactly been here long to join in on any sports teams.

I believe Stephanie had said something about baseball though, perhaps I'll look into that.

[oh lord, Lois does not have the patience for this game]

It's ok, Bruce. I know. Clark & I both know. In fact, you've even got a Bat tower set up here. I've been there.

[She points between them] We've been working together.

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