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loisfuckinglane wrote in paradisa
[Filtered away from Riful, First Gens, and any of Riful's allies, as well as people who would use this information for nefarious purposes]

So it's confession time.

A couple people know this, but mostly I've kept it to myself.

Beginning in May, I was contacted by a mysterious source outside the castle, who offered me information in exchange for some that she couldn't get, living outside the castle.  She said her name was Robyn, and she was the source of my intel on a creature going after people with items from the Lost Room.

At the end of that month, she sent me another message: a map and a cipher, with no further explanation.

You can see that map here:

and the cipher, which read:

Smallville and I cracked the code and uncovered the message:


We speculated about what it might mean, thinking that it had something to do with the Dead Zone disappearances last year, given that that was something Robyn and I had discussed briefly.

That's not the confession part.

The confession is that I now know, and have suspected for some time now, that this 'mystery contact' was actually Riful.

Some of us went snooping in her room yesterday and found copies of the conversations I'd had with her there, as well as another copy of the map, though it was slightly different.  It confirms what a few of us had been suspecting.  

I should have brought this out in the open sooner, but I didn't want to believe the worst, and I thought--

That's not important now.  I'm beginning to wonder if it might be worth investigating the points on the map marked here, just in case this isn't about the Dead Zone disappearances.  Especially with all this murmuring going around about her movements lately...

So.  Who's up for a little recon?

Edit:  You can find the map that was in her room here too.

[ooc; For those who signed up to investigate the Map Locations for the Riful post, this is the kick-off!  The legend on the second map is NOT on there, it's just for OOC purposes.]

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[Well then..... B) ]

What sort of recon did you have in mind?


Well, it's not exactly a complicated operation. Pick point on map. Go to point.


[She normally ignores these kinds of filters as there's usually no reason for her to. But she did tell Alleyne that she would help out on the recon side... And this woman did ask if anyone was interested in doing some...

Hnng.. Decisions.

Um... Recon is one of my specialities. So, um, I-I wouldn't mind checking out those places.

Great! And you are?

Um, my name's Hinata. And you?

[Ashura had a hard time ignoring something like this, especially about Riful. He remembered last year's attacks, and he had more to protect now than then.]

I can have an easier time reaching some of those places than most with my mount - traveling further out, I mean, and I can defend myself if need be.

Just the kind of go-getting I like to hear.

[Man, these filters are starting to get down to it... he should be touched he can see this one.]

Haven't slowed down yet, have you?

Does it look like I've died yet?

That's some dedication.

If you need more hands on...

No, I'm not writing hands on deck. If you need more feet checking points, I can offer assistance as well in a few days. Hinata's excellent for these kinds of missions.

There's plenty of points and a serious lack of volunteers, so I'll definitely take the help.

Then count me in on it.

[ dududu if Hinata and Ashura will be out and reporting back first~ yaaay! ]


I'm gonna agree with Allen on the fact that it's suspicious. Not that it doesn't need to be looked into, but assuming it's anything other than a horrible trap would be naïve. Even if you're aware, you'll wanna be sure anyone who might go along is also aware.

Especially since one of those points is actually near her mansion. You can't get near there without Legato sensing you unless a psychic who can block him out goes alone.

Any of those places marked could have serious traps. She could just be trying to separate us for some reason. I wouldn't go to any of the marked spots without a plan.

Of course it's suspicious, but does that mean it's worth ignoring? No one's going out there alone, or without a clue of what they could be dealing with.

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