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| Did I just hear a TARDIS?
loisfuckinglane wrote in paradisa
[Riful's Room Filter]

[Lois Lane stops in front of the door marked 1306, and takes just one moment to glance over her shoulder before reaching for the knob.  She exhales a breath and a smile curves up the corner of her lip when she finds it open - and she slips inside as quickly as she can.  A little too quickly, as anyone who might be walking around the corner could note.  It's obvious that she's up to something.

Something called extreme snooping.

The puzzling clue that was left her on the journal by who she believes to be Riful has been haunting her brain, and though she knows she should have made it public to all her allies awhile ago, she can't help those instincts that keep her jonesing for a first scoop.  If anyone's going to find some kind of damning information that could help them stop her, Lois is determined it's going to be her.    After all, she can't help but take pride in the work she does here, and she wants the new info wing of the Peace Patrol to show that it's carrying its weight.

This is why she makes her way inside Riful's room now, where she instantly sets about rooting through drawers, closets, etc.  She doesn't notice, so caught up in her work, that the door's still ajar, and therefore to anyone who walked close in the hallway, her bent over form would be visible, obviously snooping away.]
[ooc; This post is for those who signed up to find the evidence in Riful's Room!  No posting order, just tag in as you can]

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[Conan was still caught up in his investigations of the castle as a whole. He was only peripherally aware of the Rifu situation so far. But he didn't have to know all the details to know a suspicious situation when he saw one. He silently follows the woman into his room and purposefully pitches his voice to carry loudly.]

Ne, what are you doing?

[BUSTED. How annoying. She rolls her eyes slightly with her back to him, before turning around and plastering on a smile, moving the letter she's holding behind her back.]

Not big on the knocking, I take it?

I wanted to know why you were acting suspiciously.

What, can't a girl root through a notorious villain's belongings without it being labeled as suspicious?

Villain? Why do you say that?

[There's a sound from one of the drawers like something ~moving~- ever wonder why that door was unlocked, well it ain't because Riful was careless, that's for sure. After a second, Meowth pokes his head out and plucks some article of clothing off his charm.]

It ain't the evil lair I was expectin', that's for sure, but looks are usually deceivin'. [He side-eyes both Lois and Conan.] No one said nothin' about this bein' a group job. What gives?

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[Lois' head whirls around in surprise and she stares at the --

talking cat. O_O Whatever, she's seen weirder since she got here. Still, since she doesn't know who he is, she can't help but feel suspicious about what he means by 'job'. Even though she just bitched at Conan for calling her being there suspicious.

No one ever said life was fair.]

That's because it's not. Who are you?

[ Kitty felt guilty. Even though she reasons that Riful was a villain, she still didn't feel quite right about snooping in her room - not that asking her would go for anything, however. Though when Kitty arrived at the room and saw that it was already open, with people inside of it, she felt a little less guilty ]

I guess that I'm late.

[HEY. WHAT GIVES. Meowth jumps on top of the dresser with... Anime character speed and cat-like dexterity.]

The guy that elf-lady sent to investigate that Riful dame. [This is a lie.] Who're you? [Annd a glance at Kitty, because her voice sounded familiar] Hey, you're that girl from the journal- [Pause- oh right, he was mid-rant] Who invited all of youse to this party?

You're Meowth? [ You can't go wrong with his voice. She'd wondered what was with the claws ] I'm here to find something about Riful.

You spoke to Alleyne?

[Preeen] I'm a lot more impressive up close and personal-like, ain't I?

[And... That just makes him preen more.]

Let's just say I owed her a favor. [And now he's serious.] So scram, all three o' you. I was here first. If anyone's gonna find anything here, it's gonna be Meowth.


You're definitely not who I expected. [ But that's complimentary. A talking cat? Way cool ]

No, wait. I'm friends with Alleyne too, I'm doing recon. And besides, the more of us that are looking the quicker we can find things - or figure things out.

[...And the more of them there are to leave holding the bag if they happen to get caught. BRILLIANT.]

You got a point. Okay, team. Get to searchin'. We ain't got all day. [Why yes, he has appointed himself Team Leader.]

[Well, that was a fast turn on. Ohhh kay. Still trying to conceal the letter behind her back :C]

Did you find anything in those drawers while you were in there?

[You cannot hide things from a sneak, Lois. Meowth just clasps his paws behind his back and smirks.] Nothin' much, but how's about you tell us all about that thing you got behind your back.

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