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hard luck god
soldarius wrote in paradisa
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[ it’s batwoman who almost never talks to you guys. she’s such a loser. :( in a calm voice: ]

Harvey Dent, or Two-Face, is currently en route to the Peace Patrol’s prison.

[ a pause. nonchalantly: ]

We’ll need someone from the clinic, too.

[ ooc: hopefully i didn’t accidentally leave out any good characters who want info on this! if i did, just jump in anyway. this post is basically filtered away from EVIL PEOPLE, FIRST GENS and MOUTHY TYPES WHO WOULD TELL THEM.

still on hiatus but i wanted to get this post up. i promise to get back to the tags i owe when i’m completely back. i’m so sorry for the wait. @_@ tags may be slow on this post as i’ll be out today and apologizing in advance for kate who may be short with people in her own tags. I’M SORRY, BLUH. FEEL FREE TO HAVE CHARACTERS TALK WITH EACH OTHER? :c

aaaand backdated to after this. ]

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Nice to have some good news around here.

About time, I'd say.

Now we'll just have to keep him incarcerated.

You don't think he'll stay put?

It's not him I'm worried about. It's the castle moving us around. It likes to let everyone free during world changes, after all.

What about the idea of building a prison in the Dead Zone?

It's been discussed but nobody's been hauling ass on kicking the project into gear yet. I mentioned that we should get some of those brawny guys who built a cabin in the woods to go put it up.

[ hm... maybe she'll have a chat with brock. ]

They'll have to work fast. We don't know if time is on our side or not.

Then they'll work fast.

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