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the cells I am at the moment
- kettle & a bit of string -
cricketycricket wrote in paradisa

I'm not one for superstition, but ... this year's Tanabata festival seems to have gone much more favorably than the last I participated in. I wished for a way to stop her, to end this, permanently. And I very well might have it. This isn't the way I would have preferred to deal with her, but given the way Allen and Junior have reacted ... and what she's done ... and what she's made others do ...

I can't leave any more room for forgiveness.

And it isn't just about redeeming my own mistakes, or fixing what's been done wrong. About smoothing over the past, soothing old wounds, or rectifying any outstanding inequities.

It's about doing what's right. Even if it limits me. I'll do what I can, and pass it on to those who'll be able to actually do the deed and make a difference.

And then, perhaps, I'll go and look for Lente.


[Filtered Away From Riful & The First Generation, and Any of Their Allies]

I've been examining the pieces of flesh found out in the forest. And I have some disturbing news...

Yes, they're distinctively supernatural. They don't react to temperature changes - I've taken some of the samples and both heated and frozen them. The only place where they've been damaged has been in the places where it had begun to decay ... and even then, it seems more like the tarnishing of metal than physical rotting. I had to use a small laser mounted on one of my work-tables to cut the samples I used for the control experiments - nothing else would cut them effectively, without extreme force or perseverance. Some of the larger sample pieces would even regenerate after being cut with a scalpel... not enough to completely repair themselves, but noticeably. After several attempts to cut the flesh, it did give way - it seems as though its innate resistant qualities can be worn down. Upon closer cellular inspection, it's not actually metal, as much as it may appear so and behave so, to an extent. It truly is a form of flesh, but it's been hardened by some process other than calcification.

I hear we have a few forensic specialists in the castle ... I would welcome your input, if at all possible. I'm down in the Peace Patrol headquarters. Just let me know that you're coming, and I will come and let you in.

.... I'd also like to request that anyone who has seen Riful of the West in her inhuman form please come and take a look at this. It looks much like the descriptions I have read from others of what she is capable of forming herself into ... but I'd rather not jump to any conclusions until I have absolute confirmation.

If this truly did come from her body ... we may finally have a key to defending ourselves.

Thank you for your time. I'm sorry to bring up such squeamish subjects so close to the dinner hour... but it needed to be said.

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If it's hers... where did it come from?

Hello, Lois. They were found in the woods, by a woman from Riful's world named Miria. I believe someone else was with her... I myself got the news from Corporal Maladict.

Good to know, but I meant why was she out there losing flesh? Is it molting season for baddies?

That, I'm afraid I don't know. I'm certainly keeping my ears open, but I doubt she'd leave so much of herself behind willingly.

Either there was some sort of accident - [his tone says how likely he seems to think THAT is] - or ... someone here already knows how to harm her, and is keeping the secret for themselves.

What if it wasn't one of us?

You mean, the possibility of the First Generation being involved? ... It certainly is very much a possibility.

I'm pretty sure if they had Riful-hunting tricks, they wouldn't jump at sharing them with us.

This is very true. [he frowns] The trick, of course, would be figuring out how to tell precisely what did this and what was involved. ... Didn't I hear something about part of their armor being found?

You mean out there? I'm not sure, I might have missed that. Unless you're talking about the armor we found in the castle.

The armor that was found here, yes.

I'm not sure their involvement here proves anything about them going after Riful.

Oh, I never said it did. It just opens up another avenue of possibility, however narrow.

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