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the eighty-third;
you've got some nerve
variare wrote in paradisa

Seriously, what the hell? They noticed Colette missing, but not us? Not sure if that should make me laugh or cry.

I just hope something actually came out of it. I keep feeling like we could be doing more. Like I could be doing more. So many of the members say they want to help, but when solutions are suggested, ideas are thrown around... There's no closure.

Running my own operation...I definitely miss it. Even if it had its' drawbacks.

Although I'd prefer anything over this. How long do I have to be stuck in here? Even if it's not the 'therapist's fault, I'm starting to get really pissed off! I don't want to hear everyone else's deepest darkest secrets, and I don't want them hearing mine.


[Therapy Room]

[ okay this game is not going as well as planned. this was supposed to be a way to avoid therapy and de-stress. jr. has played with allen enough times to tell when he's cheating, especially when they've played in card rooms. and considering jr. of all people has had to lose his jacket, shirt, shoes, and watch? SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE ]

God damnit, Allen!

[ throwing his cards at allen's face. EVEN IF IT'S A GOOD HAND, IT'S SUDDENLY NOT WORTH IT ]

Quite cheating!

[/Therapy Room]

[ FILTERED FROM: First-Gens & Allies — Riful & Allies ]

Just in case anyone was wondering, a bunch of us got caught up in castle shenanigans. I don't know where the hell we are, but it's a small room with access to a bathroom and nothing else. We can see mountains out the windows, but that's not exactly helpful.

We're allowed to leave the room when we want to go to bed and shit, but...it's not much more helpful. It's really fancy here, like a resort? But we can't leave it at all, and we're all forced back into that stupid room when the day starts over again.

Aside from me, there's Allen, Arthur, Lavi, Morgana, Crowley, Teresa, Colette... [ a small pause because he doesn't know the rest well...or he HATES them, so his voice turns more monotone ] ...Cross, Tyki, Faye, Miria, Quorra, Courage, and Marian.


Who knows how the hell long this will last, but obviously we're out of commission until we can find a way out. We're all safe, but the door won't open, and our powers and weapons are all gone. I guess we're lucky we at least found our journals. At least some of us did. And so far no one's killed each other.

With everything going on, it's been hard to keep track of the journal so...if I've missed anything important, fill me in. I'll check back later.

[ ooc; The therapy filter is open to anyone stuck in that room, therapists and patients alike! It's not an official therapy post, but threadjack to your heart's content anyway. It's a small space, so escaping one another is nigh impossible. Just make sure you establish if it's a journal thread or therapy room thread in the subject line. YOU CAN THREADJACK BOTH. ♥
This is also going to be the post where Isabela shows up. :3 STAY TUNED.

IF YOU WANT TO SAY YOUR CHARACTER WAS PART OF THE POKER GAME, GO FOR IT. Allen's a cheater. Or just have your character watch/comment on it, it doesn't matter. This is just a starting point. SECTIONS ARE UP.

Journal Comments
Therapy Room ]

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Just...stuff. Nothing extraordinary.

Sometimes we play cards to pass the time.



Sounds super boring.

It's probably bad to have Allen, Lavi, Tyki and Cross all in the same room together, though ....

Tyki's a Noah, right? I'm amazed it's gone so smoothly even this long.

Yeah, exactly ... plus, Cross and Allen aren't on the best terms, either ....

With good reason! Cross is the one Allen's complained about the most.

I don't really know much about it, but it sounds pretty complicated.

Yeah, I'd say so. But even I know only the basics.

At least nothing insane has happened yet.

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