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9 traps filled
just takin' a walk
ectobabble wrote in paradisa
[Peace Patrol]

I've been thinking about that sword that that guy Arthas has - Frostmourne - and how it holds all those souls. That sort of thing seems to fall within the realm of ghostbusting, and I'm pretty sure I can figure a way to get them out.

I'm gonna need more than one trap, though, if we can pull that off, because who's to say all those souls he's got in there are friendly? ... I was thinking of building a smaller-scale containment unit in the headquarters, kind of like the one we had at the Firehouse back home ...

[and with that, he'll start drawing blueprints for both trap and containment unit.]

I've already got a list of all the materials I'll need to wish up, and if it gets approved, I'll need help from people with experience repairing electrical equipment. What'cha think, guys?

[/Peace Patrol]


I'm gonna try building some more traps. Am I right in guessing you're not interested in helping? [hey. it's worth a shot. in the dark. facing the wrong direction]


[with work out of the way, and his room finally somewhat back to normal, Ray decides to go out on the grounds and enjoy the sun. he's got his camera around his neck, of a mind to take some pictures while the weather's nice. anyone who'd like to can find him strolling around the grounds, snapping away at things]

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Actually, I'm not sure if he's still here, but there was a guy who said he could free them easily if we could get our hands on the sword. You might want to talk to him.

Oh yeah? What was his name?

Alright, stick with me on this one but...


Seriously? Okay. What else did he say? [as if the thought of Death running around would faze a ghostbuster. pfft. ]

Huh, okay! So, theoretically: he frees the souls, I zap 'em and trap 'em until we can get 'em away ...

But how're we gonna break the sword?

Well, there's always my super fiancee as an option.

Oh! I haven't met him yet, but I've heard of him. Clark, right? What does he do?

What doesn't he do? They don't call him Superman for nothing. Super strength, super speed, he can fly, heat ray vision... I'm sure he can take out a sword.

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