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clarklike wrote in paradisa
[Krypto and Shelby both growl as Clark opens the door, and Clark kneels to greet both dogs. When Krypto comes over, though, Clark's tone shifts from concern to surprise. There's a moment where he's checking out the room, and then he grabs both a piece of metal from the floor and the journal from his pocket.]

Hey. My dog had a scrap with the people who trashed the place. I've got parts of their armor.

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[Lois comes stomping down the hall from her room-turned-office, looking sooo angry.]

All my notes are a wreck! Some of it's torn up, some of it's probably missing, do you know how long I've been-- [And she notices that he's... holding something] What was that? Did they rip out your plumbing while they were at it?

[He really doesn't blame her. He just stands there for a second, looking at it, and then he holds it up for her to see.]

It looks like Krypto ripped a piece of armor off one of them. It's part of the arm.

[But wait.]

They were here, they saw your notes, but they DIDN'T take them?

[Her eyes widen and she goes to take it right out of his hands so she can look at it herself]

I'm surprised that dog's still alive. [She looks down at him. And remembers he's superdog] ... Or not.

[And then back to Clark, noting his surprise] They didn't take all of it. Though considering most of it's been published on the journals, or was my compilation of information that's already there, maybe they have access to it through there and didn't see a point in snatching any of it. But I still think it's not all there. But they could have found anything about what Lente told us that I wrote... what I've speculated about them...

I'd be surprised if he didn't chase them clear to the border.

[He lets her have it to crouch down to Krypto's level and give him a good inspection for signs of a fight.]

So they know what we know. Still, why wouldn't they take the notes? If you lost them, you'd miss out on details, and lose some of that information.

[He straightens up again.]

We need to get you a laptop. Have Tony put some absurd security on it that will wipe it automatically if anyone else gets their hands on it. Have it back up to the Peace Patrol's headquarters.

Now that, I'd pay to see.

Maybe they don't feel like what we know is a threat. [:|] Or maybe they were in a hurry, if they didn't know when we'd be back.

[She goes to hand him the arm again] Not a bad idea. Looks like I'm going to have to start from organizational scratch anyway, so I might as well get an upgrade.

If they were rushed, it explains why they didn't bother with "subtle".

[He takes the arm and scans it, but nada. Lead shielding. Thanks to Tony, for that one.]

Have you seen those Peaceberry things?

I think they wanted to send a message. Subtle didn't figure into it at all.

[A nod] I have. I'm still not sure how secure I believe the line to be either, but it's a step up.

I'm not sure either, but then again, I barely used mine. It's just a little more innocuous than endless stacks of notebooks and paper.

I guess I'm less worried about hardware fail resulting from a world change now that we know it's less a change and more a temporary relocation.

True. Automatic back-ups would cover that, though.

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