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| this one time... at boot camp...
loisfuckinglane wrote in paradisa
[Filtered to those planning to go on the trip to Lente's Point]
Alright, the expedition is pulling out here soon, which means it'd be good to get a final head count, and figure out how much we have to bring in terms of supplies.
Remember, once you get out there, you can't wish things up, and there's not a ton in the way of food to track down, so we need to be prepared.  Powers don't work out in the Dead Zone, so we're going to need to bring medical supplies in case of the worst.  Trust me, it's not fun making a sling out of your own clothing.
Other things you might want to pack:  (but make sure you're not overloading yourself and slowing us all down):
Cameras - if we bring along those necklaces from Flora, it should power small ones
Any scientific devices for recording information that won't be too bulky
Lighters or... flint and tinder if you're old school
Clothes, blankets, but try to keep this stuff light.  It's warm out, anyways.
If you're bringing weapons, make sure they're ones that are gonna work out there.  And remember - this is an exploration for info, not a raiding party
Whistles in case we get separated 
Fish/snare lines
Any explorers out there with other suggestions?

Not sure if me and Delta count as one or two, but if we're going by a strict headcount I suppose it's only one.

How about one point five?

Handaxe for fire wood.

[And who is taking the dogs for the week?]

And you wonder where the boy scout nickname came from.

[Lois hasn't... thought of that yet...]

I plan on coming.

Make sure you have someone amongst you with a good knowledge of disabling traps. Though we might not be a raiding party, it does not mean anyone ahead of us hasn't prepared for such.

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I'll make sure we squeeze someone in between the cleric and the paladin.

Hey. Um, I'm Percy Jackson. I've never gone on one of these, but I've heard that super powers and stuff doesn't work in the Dead Zone. So shouldn't we take a first-aid kit or something?

We've met. Er... though I don't think you remember.

Like I said up there, med kits. [She'll circle it above the list]

I'm coming! [Comment on her age and she will not be happy] We'll need to have something to carry everything we pack, too. Like a satchel!

Backpacks, etc. Good point.

I'll be going.

Equipment for setting up tents, if someone isn't willing to sleep out in the open.

The elements shouldn't be too harsh out there.

Count me in too, ma'am.

[Looking over that list to check and see if he missed anything with journal in hand, though he thinks he's got his own equipment covered.]

I'm in.

[writing Lois's list down on a separate sheet of paper]

Just you, or is Rory coming too?

[boy, is it ever not fun. Lucy remembers. She writes--]

It's Lucy. I'm coming.

This looks marvellous, Lois. Thank you for putting it together. I'm glad we'll have you along again.

'Again' for the first time, really. My other expedition was something of a failure, and I'm not counting my trip through the crystal.

Thanks again for letting us use the TARDIS.

As if you truly have to ask if I'm going.

Thank you for the list, Lois, that's extremely helpful.

You were already on my list.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some obvious things... Camping's not my number one hobby.

Edward went last time, Edward wants to go, too.

And Edward has an idea to turn Edward's goggles into a camera.


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