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| dad ruined every christmas.
loisfuckinglane wrote in paradisa

So, we need to have a few words re: tall, dark and psychopath out on the town.  I figure you know the one I mean.  Hint: he's not a vampire.  


Peace Patrol's wondering what the Bats are doing to find Two Face.  Figured I'd take that one straight to the top.

While I'm at it... how good are you and yours at cracking codes?


It's been ... what, a couple weeks now...?  since Ella flashed in and out of our lives like some kind of falling star.  I know, Lois Lane getting poetic, stop the presses.  I'm not sure I've got the words capable of dealing with what it was like if I just stick to the bare facts though.  
It's weird, really, how raising Luce made me feel so much like a mom already, that I never poured much effort into thinking about having kids of my own some day.
I'm still not sure how ready I was for that, but I'm not sure you can ever be ready.
Unless you're Smallville, that is.  He took to it like a fish to water.  Not just being a dad, but... being a dad to our daughter.  It's not that I doubt how things will be with us in the future, but at the same time, there's a lot of unanswered questions, and family is definitely one of them.  I'm not sure I even want those answers yet, but it was nice, just for a second, to believe everything could turn out okay, after all. 
I miss her like mad already, and I barely even knew her.  I don't know how that makes any sense at all.  
Speaking of people I miss... it'd be great if I would stop driving the people who the castle isn't booting out on me away with that old fashioned Lane charm.  I think it's partly losing Ella... partly this Riful thing that's got me second guessing myself, and maybe this whole vampire scare.  Too much at once, and I've only got so many resources to allocate to man the front Lois lines here.  Apparently, all my social graces got drafted, because I've definitely managed to piss off every other person I've talked to lately.
Maybe I'm just not the only one on edge.  I don't know.
Kara's gone.  I looked back to see if anyone ever announced it, and if they did, I couldn't find it.  [She sounds uncomfortable and, above all, tired.]  
You keep a list of everyone's names on the doors, right?

[Trusted allies with information on Riful]
I want to know everything we've got on her.  I want to understand how that thing thinks, and ... [ stops herself, then says grimly:]  well, I was gonna say what it eats for breakfast, but I guess we all know that one already.
Looks like I screwed things up with Claire.  Go me.
[With that, Lois will be in the library, to no one's surprise, pouring over this.]

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Whatever happened, I'm sure it's not that bad.

It was tantrum bad. "I don't want to talk to you" bad.

[Allen...doesn't answer right away. Instead he's watching to see if anyone filters to this in a way that he can see. He wants to see what Lois is aiming at first before he volunteers his information]

[Lois should have filtered this to 'trusted allies with information on Riful who aren't crazy people like Allen']

[He'd put a name up there, but the voice isn't ringing a bell just yet.]

Yeah, when I can. Kind of under house arrest while there's someone out there trying to kill me, though.

... This being a recent development, I take it.

Yeah, I--[Didn't want to be the one to break the news. Also, a little too emotional at the time.] I guess... I thought someone else would.

I'm thinking that was the general sentiment.

I'd thought she was just still keeping her distance after the whole Lex thing until I went to her room.


[So very helpful.]

I'm reading that as a 'you know something'.

... I think we've talked before. Briefly.

Stephanie told me the other day. That's one less person at risk of going psychotic because of the castle and being difficult to bring down.

[Dryly] And we're all so grateful for your ever practical take on the issue.

/B-breaks hiatus, just for you - Action

[Y helo thar Lois, there's gonna be a rather handsome-looking brown lab headed your way, looking a wee bit lost. Jono's kind of hating his doggy vision right now, and has been relying on his sense of smell to lead him to familiar people. Surprisingly enough, that includes you. He'll just plop himself down at your feet, making an exhausted noise, as he's been all over the castle, trying to figure out what's what. If you examine the collar he's wearing, you'll find an x-shaped tag bearing the name "Jono". What do?]

[A dog in the library gets a double take. Even though it shouldn't, what with all the talking ducks and shit around here.]

Well hey there, boy. Did you get out of somebody's room? [She reaches to pet his head and check his tag, and that... gets a stare] Or... your room, it looks.

[WHAT THE HELL? She did not want to end up in the library... something was clearly wrong.

She'll be stalking over to you, Lois, and trying to see if you've got some leftover Isis making her skills even more wonky.]

You did this to me. [Accusations... GO!]

Did what? I think the perm job's all on you.

Are you going on that expedition? [Yes, it's that important that he know if she's going to be kidnapped again.]

[she might be a little...addled...at the moment, but this part of her memories is still fully intact.

There's a bit of hesitation on her part, before she puts up her half of the filter]

Sure. I can try.

Legato and Riful. You seem to know something about it so I figured I'd go to you.

[ oh kara. >: now lana feels even worse that she never got to patch things up with her. aaangst ]

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