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Sunday moooorningggggg~
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[Clark doesn't really need to sleep, technically speaking, but he certainly likes to. It's relaxing even when he sleeps alone, but it's doubly so when he's got Lois there. Whether they're on their separate sides of the bed or tangled up together in the sheets, it's just that much better when he can hear her breathing and feel the weight of her next to him. That kind of closeness is special and important, especially in a world where he could be waking up alone at any time, or he could be leaving her behind.

This morning Clark wakes first, and he doesn't bother getting up: first, it's a Sunday, and second, Lois is sleeping on his arm. He's content to close his eyes again and shift a little closer, breathing in the smell of her hair and letting sleep-addled thoughts tumble around in his head. Sunday morning, Sunday morning... a good day to slip out and have waffles or french toast or something on the table before she's even awake. Some breakfast and some fun on a Sunday morning. That would be perfect.

He presses a sleepy kiss to her neck and then settles back down. It'll only take a few seconds to make breakfast at super-speed, anyway, there's no rush for now.]

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[Lois was caught in a tangle of dreams that made it hard to process what she was waking up to...

but it was always pleasant when the reality she finds upon waking is even better than whatever her dreams had thrown at her.

She feels Clark's lips press into her skin, and turns her head slowly to give him a drowsy, contented smile.]

Morning, handsome.

[She runs one hand up his arm, and then draws herself over onto his chest, wanting nothing more than to just lay back down and stay there all day, instead of dealing with whatever new, fun drama the castle's got waiting in store for them...

At least here, it's peaceful. And quiet.

Except for that sudden whimpering noise that crops up.]

[Groaning] That dog can wait five minutes.

[Peace and quiet is good. Their apartment in a magic castle will never be as relaxed or laid back as the farm, but it will always be a retreat from the rest of it.

He's happy to have her pressed up against him, and he laughs under his breath at the dog, not even bothering to look. His attention is all on her.]

The dog can wait for ten.

[He brushes her bangs out of her face with his fingertips, smiling. She's just as stunning first thing in the morning as she is any other time of the day.]

Morning. I didn't mean to wake you up this early.

[She chuckles, and stretches her lips up to his, murmuring:] Unforgivable, really. Aren't you supposed to be the good guy?

[Lois' lips stretch into a grin even as she kisses him, but the sudden weight on the end of the bed as something jumps up surprises her and she turns to look down that way: as a tangle of tiny person limbs suddenly flings itself in between them, shouting "Mommy! Daddy!"]

[He was going give a typical ~witty~ quip back after that kiss, but his attention is definitely divided when the kid makes her dramatic appearance. Clark barely takes a second to clue in and a grin spreads on his face, even when he realizes it isn't Lara. Maybe she's still sleeping.

It had been getting so late in the month he had been wondering if this was going to happen at all. He pushes himself up on an elbow, glancing at Lois. He really can't help that big smile.]

Looks like it's breakfast for more than just the two of us.

[Lois, despite being fully warned about all this... was not in any way, shape, or form prepared for it. She gapes at the little girl bouncing in between them with a wide, mischievous grin on her little face.]

Wha-- [...is about all she can get out at the moment, as she looks between Clark and the kid.

They have the exact same eyes, she can't help but notice immediately]


[He opens his arms to scoop their daughter up into a hug, still looking at Lois. It's easier for him to fall into this: experience always makes these things easier, and a part of him really can't imagine going to his mother -- and father, he supposes -- and seeing them surprised to see him.

He's glad these kids don't seem to notice those things. It's the eeriest part about them, that they don't seem to consider anything before or after this week, but at the same time it's so merciful.]

Looks like the castle didn't forget after all. [Concerned:] You look a little shell-shocked.

[The way the little girl is so happily clinging to Clark makes it clear that to her, at least, none of this is strange.]

I just... [Her mouth flops a bit, and she brings a hand to her forehead, before she mouths to Clark where the little girl can't see:]

What should I say?

Anything you want. We can figure this out as we go.

[He's not sure how to explain it –– even in previous years it was easy to just take the role and go with it, even if he floundered between feeling like a big brother and a babysitter more than a father. Lois will have to find that groove too, whatever it is, and he realizes that he'll have to find out what it's like to do that with Lois as his future wife, instead of Alicia as his ex-girlfriend. This week is something that could have a bearing on them in the future... assuming such a thing is possible for them.

He gives the girl a hair-ruffle, and looks down at her:]

What do you think, kiddo? Pancakes or waffles for breakfast?

[Beyond her own hesitation, she can't help but marvel at the ease in which Clark falls into this. There's not an ounce of doubt in the way he's handling this sudden little stranger, just a sudden, unshakably confident attachment.

She almost envies him that. She's still not sure how much she's bought into people's descriptions of these sudden babies as their 'actual children' but she can understand, seeing the way the girl stares up at Clark adoringly and giggles as she says 'Pah-cake pah-cake!' excitedly, the appeal of buying into it entirely. She hasn't ever really thought about Smallville as a dad, and she always felt so much like a Mom to Lucy that she rarely thought about what it'd be like raising a toddler. She forces a smile onto her face at least, knowing she's going to have to work through this.]

Pancakes it is! Um... [and she realizes she doesn't know what the girl's name is, and that asking her would probably just confuse the poor kid... The look she shoots Clark is just begging for an assist.]

[Clark can feel the awkwardness of not knowing what the kid's name is. When Lara was a baby, they got to name her. This is a toddler, someone who, by all rights, would already know her own name and stumble over her parents not remembering. Clark looks at Lois, equally lost for a second.

And then he looks at the kid, earnestly.]

Hey, guess what? I have a funny story to tell you.

[The girl is obviously interested –– what child doesn't like stories? –– so Clark launches into it:]

Last night, while you were sleeping, your mom and I were out doing our jobs, fighting bad guys and then writing stories about it, when I met a wizard.


Yes, a wizard. A bad wizard. I sent him to prison, but before that happened he used a magic spell to take away my powers.


Right. But your mom is really smart and she figured out how to break the spell. And we need your help to do it.


To break the spell, you need to say the magic word. And that magic word... is your whole name. Can you say your whole name?

[Clark glances at Lois with a grin. Work with me, honey.]

[It turns out Smallville Clark is a genius, after all! Or at least, he is in Lois' eyes right now. Her eyes light up as she realizes what he's getting at, and she nods enthusiastically to the little girl.]

That's right. And we wouldn't want Daddy to end up without his powers if another wizard came around. [The kid's eyes go wide and she shakes her head no.]

So it's all up to you, sweetheart. Can you do this for Daddy?

[The girl's chest puffs up in pride at this giant responsibility, and she very proudly recites: "Ella Jane Lane-Kent" and then grins widely as if expecting something to happen instantly. She looks over at Clark, grabbing onto his arm. "Did it work, Daddy? Did it work?"]

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[Wizards are so tricky.

Clark laughs, and then flexes his arm under her hands. That's how you convey strength to little kids without breaking things. Or heat visioning the wall. Or all those things.]

Feels like it! Thank you, superheroine Ella.

[He glances at Lois, though. Ella, huh? She's definitely theirs.]

["Yay!" she exclaims, beaming proudly, as she hugs Clark again. Lois stares at them both, the smile widening on her own face into more of a real one. She catches his eye as well, her breath caught for a couple reasons - not only her mother's name, but the same hyphenated name she'd landed on in her own journal and not really discussed with Clark yet.]

And now we can go get breakfast without being afraid of running into bad guys.

[He scoops Ella up into that hug again, and leans over to give Lois a quick kiss, and Ella squeals as she's momentarily caught between them. Then it's up and out of bed!]

Right. We'll get dressed, get breakfast, and let the dogs out, all without a single bad guy in sight.

[Lois smiles as the little girl reaches up towards her, and scoops her up] Why don't you help me pick out what to wear today, huh? [She leads her over to the closet and the little girl randomly bats her hand at various outfits]

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