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032 ♕ [action!] | forward dated to tomorrow - mineas well trip!
| and how about you suck my dick?
loisfuckinglane wrote in paradisa

 [Mineas Well Filter : open for all those signed up for Lois' excursion there]

[Lois can't help but feel a little nervous about taking the crystal through to the Well - she's had a bad history with crystal portal things.  Plus, her last trip out to the Dead Zone was a little bit disarming.  But, she figures, this place is supposedly a sanctuary, and even though she unfortunately can't ask Clark to come along, knowing how he feels about venturing into the Dead Zone without his powers instead of protecting the castle, she has gathered up a small group of people who were interested in checking out the Well for themselves.

She, however, is interested in one thing above the rest: scoring a one on one interview with this Flora lady, and testing out her self-proclaimed loss with the assistance of Bruce.  She knows, at least, that she can rely on him to notice anything strange going on

Still, she forgets her underlying goals for a moment upon first arriving, staring up into the place from the inside.  It's one thing to hear people's accounts - it's another to see it for herself. 

And she's always preferred hands on reporting, anyways.]
[ooc; open to anyone who wants to come along!  I'm going to set up a top thread for Lois & Bruce to go find Flora, and I know Felix was bringing some people of his, so they can make a thread too if they'd like?  Threadhop or make your own, and be warned that I will be veryyy slow this weekend, until sunday night, but I wanted to get this up! ♥  Add in any tags to the post as you join in!]

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[Once she stops gaping around, she puts her hands on her hips]

So, do we ding the bell for service or something?

[no, but a little cat will escort you! he's bounding on over, currently wearing an adorable knitted hat. once he approaches the group, he'll come back up on his hind legs only]

Hello, everyone!

[Ray's wandering around the castle, when he sees Lois, and --]

Oh, hey. What'cha doin'?

Hi you! You coming on the field trip too?

[Rin is chilling here somewhere in this complex. Maybe you guys'll find her if you go look around some!

In the meantime, her Arcanine is chilling under the trees.

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Well, hey there, fella, no one mentioned you in the report back about this place.

:) payback Expand

filtered to Chimera members

I am about to head to Mineas Well with Lois Lane and would like to extend at invitation to any who would be interested in accompanying me, either for your own curiosity or in assisting with the the study of the native magic. The more of us there, the more we are likely to discover, given how differently each of our magic functions.

I'll be down here at the crystal waiting, if you like to come along.

Mm? [Liadrin earperks at this, because yay, ADVENTURETIME.

It doesn't take her long to head down to the courtyard to catch up with Felix.
] Sooner than I'd expected.

[When Guy arrives at the well, he is on alert, watching for any sign of movement or danger. He sniffs the cool air cautiously, as the fur on his back bristles and stands straight up. He has heard this place is a sanctuary; however, he still doesn't trust it. His mind has been trained from his years as a knight and master-at-arms, and he knows that a great place to set a trap is in a place of safety.

It doesn't help that he feels strange all over, either. He had heard stories about the so-called "dead zone," and that people are affected by it. He would've never believed if he wasn't experiencing it for himself. He feels as if something deep inside him is screaming, telling him to run away from this place - to run back to the castle. The fear is almost overpowering, but he does his best to ignore it. After all, there is something here he desperately wishes to see: a great, magical tree.

It seems every world has some sort of story about a great, magical tree. He thinks, remembering the old Norse stories his mother used to tell him and his sister at bedtime. The Norsemen had called their tree "Yggdrasil," and through this tree, all of the nine worlds were connected. He had never paid such a myth much attention as a boy, preferring to giggle at the magical squirrel who carried insults up and down the tree instead; however, once he'd heard about the tree here in Mineas Well, Guy could not help but wonder - could it be similar to the one in the old Norse myth? Or perhaps even a part of Yggdrasil - a point that connects this world with others? And if so, could it be a way home...?

These are strange thoughts for him to entertain. However, other worlds obviously exist - he is standing in one, after all. Magic obviously exists, too - he would not be in wolf-form without it. Magical world trees? Mystical wells? Why not? He figures.]


[Guy howls lowly. Danger and fear be damned; he has to see this place...]

[Following those profound observations, here's Harley.]

Hey, look, a puppy!

[Marian is not as ready as she had hoped, but has packed more than she planned to do. AND she has to look after a wheelchair-turned-dog along (castle loss will do that to you), while keeping an eye on a friend-turned-wolf. Brown leather backpack has dog food and an extra set of clothes for herself AND Guy, should he suddenly leave his wolf state out in the Dead Zone where castle magic doesn't work. (Naked Guy can be fun, though.) Somehow, this expedition has turned out from being a self-proving adventure to being a dog training trip.

Ah well. Bring it on.

[Lois raises an eyebrow at that] Does one of those happen to be our uh, friend who's coming along?

[ Claire's all kinds of apprehensive about the crystal -- getting sent back by magic was one thing, going there through it and not knowing if it'd turn out okay ... totally different. The whole magic thing in general still had her concerned. But, despite her own concern, the look on Lois' face when they show up makes her laugh and she reaches out to nudge her arm. ]

Keep gaping and you'll catch flies. Or ... giant glowy bugs, more like, considering what's in the woods around here.

[Lois snaps her mouth shut] Right. Reminder not to eat anything that looks suspect while we're here.

[Paige is around. Mostly tagging along Felix's side, because...well she knows him best. But she's here and interested in talking to anyone that will talk to her.]

[Have a medieval lady with modern influences and a small dog on her arm coming your way, smiling friendly.]


Haha, not late at all. =]

[With her bow in her hand, Katniss is just standing around, looking suspiciously at everything]


[Lonely girl with a bow? Marian isn't sure but will make a guess and walks over.]


Magic stuff down here - aw yeah

[Mineas Well is far more impressive than Felix was ready for, and he'd followed rabidly along with the reports from the first expedition. There was only so much that text could convey.

But, he was here to work.

He pulls out from his pocket two of the crystal necklaces. One drained from earlier tests, a fully charged one; his own.

To be frank he hadn't the slightest idea how recharging them was even supposed to work, but he had a hunch it involved the tree, since Flora said her magic came from there.

He glances at Paige and Liadrin

I want to learn as much about this tree and these crystals as I can while we're here. Hopefully I can accompany Lois on her interview and ask some direct questions, but let's poke around while we can. I know we won't have magic to aid us, but if there is anything you can think of that might give us clues, please do so.

Curious onlooker/threadjacking

[Mineas is indeed impressive and Marian sees Lord Felix making himself busy. She doesn't want to disturb or anything, so she will just watch and nod if he sees her.]

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