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030 ♕ Dead Zone report update + an important PSA [written]
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loisfuckinglane wrote in paradisa
[Lois can't help but feel like it's not a coincidence that the second she got done putting the finishing touches on her Dead Zone report update, she finds out Lex Luthor has shown up at the castle.  Paradisa really seems fond of those sort of karmic backslaps, and the deeper she digs, the more retaliation she's steeled herself to expect.

But if the two things
are connected, she's not about to budge one single inch.  The castle managed a nice blow to her usually unshakable confidence when it rendered her a vessel for destruction and death only a few months ago, most likely as punishment for her efforts to undermine it.  However, as she'd told Lana in the aftermath of that tragedy, the most effective way for her to fight back is to keep going - and not be bullied into submission, even when the castle threatens her loved ones.  

Doing as much would be giving in to fear and despair: and back home, she's learned the importance of fighting against both those things.

Not to mention, as usual, she's just plain stubborn as all hell.]

 [Filtered to anyone interested in solving the castle's mysteries; filtered away from the First Generation]

I know it's taken awhile, but I've finished adding in new information uncovered during the incident as Mineas Well, as well as from a few other sources, into my old report.  A lot of appreciation goes to the Fifth Doctor, who'd compiled much of it already.  

The report's here, and the new stuff should all be highlighted in red.  I'd appreciate people double-checking to make sure I didn't miss anything that's popped up.

With the weather clearing up again, I imagine we'll get to revisit the idea of further expeditions sometime in the next couple months.  Obviously, we still have those tin cans to contend with, but these gifts from Flora might help us figure out a way to reverse engineer an edge up.  And it's sure as hell worth the effort to try.

Either way, I'm planning on heading over to Mineas Well sometime in the next few weeks to talk to Flora myself.

[Asano Rin & Allen Walker]

We'd talked awhile back about the possibility of attempting contact with the Outsiders, via some representatives.  At the time, we were thinking myself and Raine Sage, but since we lost her, I was wondering about asking Five if he'd be willing to.  We'd have to work out exactly what we were intending to say... and I don't think we should ignore what Roy said about the way they probably view us out there.

[Filtered away from villains, particularly Lex Luthor]

So, the engagement party is suspended until further notice, largely because a familiar face has popped up in Paradisa that neither Clark nor I are particularly jumping for joy to see.

His name's Lex Luthor, and for those of you not familiar with him already, you'll do well to listen up when I say that he's an incredibly dangerous man, even if he'll be cut off from the money and resources that grant him so much power back home.  He's one manipulative bastard, and anyone looking for examples of some of what he's done over the years need only ask away.  Clark, Ollie, and I will be glad to fill you in. 

Stay clear of him, if you can - and if you absolutely feel you need to play nice, for God's sake, don't trust him, and don't let your guard down around him.  He's the wheels within wheels type, and we've no idea how he's going to react to being stuck here.

[ooc; Sorry this is going up so late.  :(   I've gotten really sick today, and so I am not up to RPing out the party tonight, and figured we had a good IC reason to push it back.  We'll make sure it doesn't fall during any other events before we reschedule, but for now I'm sorry to anyone who was expecting it to be today!  Either way, Lois' report update is complete :3 ]

[Hmm. Well, that explains why Lana was so cloak and dagger about the newcomer. Of course, he's not going to rat Lana out for asking him to heal the guy. Still, he's distracted enough to not notice he's replying to a filter he'd normally pretend he can't see]

Sounds like you're having quite the time of it.

[A fact that doesn't register to her either, at the moment. Talk about preoccupied.]

[Sounding somewhere between tired and frustrated] Oh, you know, just another day in Paradisa.

[First thing's first.]

When do you think you'll reschedule to, Lois?

Once we have a clearer idea what's going on with Lex. I guess he's in a coma right now, but somehow I doubt that's gonna stick.

[Finishes going over the additions.]

Amazing, as always.

[He doesn't really want to bring up Lex, still fine with stewing over that, but he's still disappointed that Lex had to come now. He had been looking forward to the party, relaxing a bit, dancing with Lois...

Ah, well. Paradisa will always be Paradisa, and he knows that.]

Have you talked to Lana or Kara?

And starting to paint a slightly clearer picture, I think, the more pieces we add to the puzzle.

[She definitely feels the same way, but dammit, she's going to get to ENJOY her party.]

Both. And Lana made it clear you'd talked to her already too.

She's pretty angry.

The report looks good. Let me know when you're planning on going to the Well.

... How's Clark? With Lex being here.

Edited at 2011-03-26 03:09 am (UTC)

Planning on keeping me company? Figured you'd want to see this place for yourself eventually too.

[A substantial pause as she hesitates about how much to say.] As well as can be expected.

Thanks for the heads up.

Better safe than sorry.

Oh, great. That sucks!

[ thinks the farmboy could have really used this break ]

Does he have any special powers we need to be aware of? Or is he just one of those smug egomaniacal bastards?

So much of Column B that it's practically a power all its own.

Will you and Clark be all right?

And ah...I think Five would be a good choice!

We'll be fine. Clark's been dealing with Lex for years, and we'll both be watching him like a hawk.

I thought so too. He's got the right amount of diplomacy, and the ability to improvise that all the Doctors have - and of all of them, he's shown the most interest in dealing with getting to the bottom of that stuff in particular.

I'd like to go, when you do. Help more than I have been somehow.

{Thanks fer lettin' me know, I'll let Shin know next time I see 'im. It'll give us more time t'prepare fer our big moment on stage.}

Hooray for silver linings.

Thank you for sharing your research. It's an interesting read.

If there's one thing we're not short on, it's 'interesting'.

Would you mind if myself and few members of Chimera came with you as well? I'd like a chance to study the magic there, and I have a few questions for Flora that I would prefer to ask in person. If that is all right with you.

As for the expeditions, I've cultivated some interest in that already. Lakare...I mean, Five, and I...have been looking to do some tests on the crystals. I thought combining this with a short foray into the Dead Zone would be wise, especially since we'll have protection with us. I can't speak for the Doctor, but I have to admit I would be defenseless within that region.

Chimera... that's the group of er, magic folks, right? And sure, you can come along. I'm taking the portal crystal so it's not like it's some kind of huge Oregon Trail style expedition.

What kind of experiments?


You going by yourself?

I was planning on it, but it looks like a group of us is going now.

[Jesus this is long.]

Thanks for this, seriously, but uh... Is there a Cliff's Notes version?

Just read the part at the top under "Cair Paradisa". It covers the basics.

Anti-1st-Gen & Anti-Villain Filters

Thank you for keeping this up, Lois, you're doing a marvellous job. I'll have a thorough look through my own notes and see if there's anything you've missed...

As for Mr. Luthor, thank you very much for the warning. He seems like just the type I like to keep my eyes on. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help ...

... And for what it's worth, I'm terribly sorry you've had to postpone your party.

Come to think of it, I think Rory published some new info on those bizarro buffalo that I never added in.

Right now, all we can do is keep an eye on him until he tries to do something sinister. People would be up in arms if we tried to arrest him on day one, I'm sure.

You and me both. Silly me, thinking we'd had our fair share of unnatural disasters around here lately.

Anti-1st-Gen & Anti-Villain Filters

[Is about to reply, but gets as far as] Thank y-- [when he sees Five's reply. Sighing, he draws a star next to it]

What I said.

[A smirk] At least you're consistent.


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