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loisfuckinglane wrote in paradisa

I hope you like tea.


I was wondering, for those of you who've been here awhile, if you know whether this whole two week turnaround time applies to townspeople or not.  Is there even a cemetery in town?

Way to get all morbid in the morning, Lois.

And probably not the smoothest opening to the rest of this, but I'm sure you'll all cope, somehow.

[Filtered away from evil villains  ]
You are cordially invited to the engagement party of 
Clark Kent &  Lois Lane  
March 25th, 2011
in the dining room
(Also, we're looking for live music, so fess up if you play.)
[Private scribbles]
to do
hire band
decide on menu
talk to rin and allen re: CONTACT
  - need an altarnate now that Raine's gone  (mbe. one of the docters?)
find someone who can give baking lessons (claire??)
man up and publish your report, lane
possible trip to minaes well first - interview flora
Lois Kent
Lois Kent-Lane
Lois (Lane)  Kent
Lois Lane-Kent
Mrs. Lois Lane Kent  

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On occasion it's alright, but I'm really more of a coffee-drinker. Why?

You and me both, but I'll make an exception this time.

I RSVP'ed us to a tea party. You can thank me later.

I've never actually seen a cemetery in town, but there is now one on the grounds.

I know, but that one has more to do with us.

I'm not sure. I've been looking for those people who were murdered a while back, but I haven't found them yet.

Oh, and I'm RSVPing for your engagement party.

I suppose we could try asking at the Records Office.

You better be. I'll make it a memorable one.

Well, I hated to assume. [Lies. She loves to assume. :| ] I'll sign you up.

Hi there miss. Congratulations on your engagement! I could play at your party, along with my friend Jono. We don't have a singer but it's something yeah?

I'm Shin by the way. [ he's smilin but you can't really see it. ]

Great! Lois, though that's pretty obvious, probably.

I've got my friend Larry signed on too, but if you guys play part of it, that'll give him a chance to mingle.

Sounds like it might be entertaining enough for me to show up.

Pretty sure everyone's tucked their crosses and holy water away, so it should be safe for you to come out in public.

[ oh goodness! she's wearing a big 'ol smile on her end and even though it can't be seen, her voice speaks volumes ]

Oh! You're both getting married, how wonderful!

Sure are.

Though not here... probably. I don't know, we haven't really worked that out yet.

Individuals categorized as 'townspeople' experience permanent death.

[Focusing on the important matter here B|]


That's one thing I was worried about.

Thanks, Yuki.

May I enquire as to what the two-week turnaround regards?

No one's told you about the whole yo-yo death syndrome around here yet?

Yeah, there's a cemetery. It's -- [ he pauses. yuki beat him to it. ] I see you got it already.

Yuki's fast.


Do you have a moment?

[ hates to bear bad news but ]

Townspeople don't come back when they're killed.

[ and obviously she is RSVPing to that party, durrr ]

Which makes the idea of us turning into one someday even more disturbing.

[gurrrrrrrl you better]

[ He's ignoring the invitation, but makes note to get something for them by the 24th so he'll be celebrating but can avoid Clark. ]

I don't know about the death turnover, but there's something relating to the townspeople I want to talk to you about, when you have time. [ And whenever she wants to do some work. ]


I have time now. [lolol lies. she never has time. but she'll bend the laws of physics, yet again]

Congratulations, Ms. Lane!

[ files the info away that others offered up, to compare back to what Ino's said and what she's gathered from backreading. Oh, Death, thou shalt not be victorious...

... Except when you are. ]

Thank you! You're welcome to come too.

filtered away from BOYS EWW

When are we having your bachelorette party? I'd better be a bridesmaid and get to help plan it.

... It's starting to sound like Clark and I aren't gonna get away with not having a ceremony here some day.

In which, you're definitely on the bridesmaid docket. And the party will be whenever you and Kara and Jilly get it planned.

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Well, it's not as if they're the greatest conversationalists.

But I don't think that's their fault.

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