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028 ♕ [voice] Attention Psychics and Exorcists / Holy people
| do i have to get rough with you?
loisfuckinglane wrote in paradisa
[Filtered away from Slenderman & the castle]

We're drawing closer to trying to figure out where these kids might be and how to help them, so we can't stop now.  Some of us are still researching exorcisms, and we can start narrowing down which rituals might work now, so we need anyone with knowledge of this kind of thing to contact either me, Batgirl, or Batman asap.  This would only be done after the kids are taken to safety, as a way to drive him off, and only if we can't succeed in taking him down somehow first.  But we still need plan B on hold.

Meanwhile, if there are any psychics or spiritualists out there, we're hoping we can convince one or more of you to make an attempt to talk to the castle itself.  Previously found entries suggest it's been done before, and that the castle wasn't involved in Slenderman's appearance.  For all we know, he's been pulled here just like any other resident, or he's a product of this world.  The way evidence keeps turning up, it's almost as if the castle is trying to help us, which is probably for its own purposes - to keep us all here, so it can do what it wants with us - but for the moment, we might be able to use that to our own advantage.  You can see where Batman and I were talking about this here. [#]  Maybe it can help us get inside the underground cave somehow.

Believe me, I'm no big fan of asking the castle for anything after the things it's done, but there are children at stake.  

[ooc; talk amongst yourselves if you want, I will bbl ;; sorry to post and run AGAIN]

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I....talked... with two of our psychics yesterday. Or...I guess that's what they'd count as.

[for now, she'll leave out what Legato said, but-]

Hang on...it was filtered, so I have to rewrite it, but...Joshua managed to hear one of the boys.

[and she'll rewrite out the relevant parts of this conversation]

Peter managed to talk to one of them too. Which means they're still here and still alive.

I'm just hoping maybe the castle could open us up a tunnel or... break down whatever dimensional wall is in between...

I know. Wybie. [So, so relieved]

[a pause] It really does seem to be helping us, doesn't it. I wonder if that's real?

placeholder and filteerrr

Batgirl here. If you have anything, just let me know.

[ pauses ]

We should check people with powers and see if any have some way of getting underground as well, in case the castle won't help. Earth-movers or the like.

Batman suggested Clark could do it.

That ... that sounds like a really good idea! Um, ma'am, I'd like to volunteer myself for this.

For which part?

Oh - for talking to the castle. Sorry. My name's Ivan, and I can read minds, if that's the kind of thing you were looking for.

filter / dictated through the end

You're the one that wrote that huge ass article about how this place works. ...Thanks for that.

I'm Dean.

This sick bastard's hard to nab but I've got a group that's good with exorcisms and one chick tryin' to catch him with crystals.... or at least get a pattern of how he works and moves.

Not so hot on the idea of the castle helpin' us, but this is the first time shit's hit the fan since I've been here so I don't know too much about its sentient whatever to make a clear judgment on how honest that is.

It might seem huge, but it's still missing a lot. Yuki Nagato and I are working a version 2.0.

We've met. Briefly. And before, the last time you were here. I'm a friend of your brother's.

You boys are hunters, right? Deal with this supernatural voodoo stuff on a semi-regular basis? If you wanna take the reigns on exorcising his butt, I'll give you everything we came up with, but I'm not about to tell people how to do it when I've never so much as touched a seance before.

Honest isn't really the word I'd use. Like Jilly said, it acts a lot like a spoiled child, but it doesn't really like to share, and this thing is stealing its toys.

That just makes it even better.

I'm workin' with a few others on the exorcism thing so anything you have'd be appreciated.

[well, hello again]

I am more than willing to help where I can.

You're the psychic, right? Think you could try setting up a love-line to Cair Paradisa?

It would be my pleasure.

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