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action ⋙ when it's good
clarklike wrote in paradisa
----- Tony -----

A kid named Julian is currently hanging out in the HQ's cells, cooling off. I'll make sure one of his friends picks him up later.

----- Julian's friends -----


I found Julian covering the grounds in broken glass, so he is currently cooling off in the Peace Patrol HQ. He claims boredom but I suspect he needs a friend to talk to right now. If one of you could pick him up, that would be great.


----- Everyone -----


For anyone new or unfamiliar, there's a building called the Danger Room in the woods. It's been more or less forgotten over the past few years because it was monopolized by a resident who has since left. The Danger Room is a battle simulator meant for training or practicing, and it's entirely safe, so it can't hurt you.

I have that master key, and I've managed to get copies made. If anyone's interested, let me know; I can drop one off.

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Glad to hear you conquered your key mystery.

I'm glad too, though probably not half as glad as the people racing to get a crack at it, now, after it's been mostly empty for years.

Hey, if it gives people something to do around here, I'm all for it. Channel some of that pent up energy so they don't take it out on fellow residents.

Hopefully. I'm pretty sure that's the only thing that kept Prime from going berserk on a regular basis.

Kind of disturbing. But at least it's just a simulation.

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