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025 ♕ i'm on my way to believing | backdated to the 13th
| clark | where you take me
loisfuckinglane wrote in paradisa
[Lois' history with Valentine's Day was a minefield of past disasters: which was why Clark had agreed to celebrate "V Day" one day earlier, in hopes of outsmarting the powers that be in their attempts to ruin it.   Lois was still hesitant as she got ready, glamming  up in a classy red number, and coiffing up her hair.  Maybe this was a terrible idea.  Especially with what she had planned as part of the evening.  It could just be inviting disaster...

But she was nothing if not damnably stubborn to a fault, so in the end, she defiantly applied the finishing touches to her mascara, and grabbed her little black clutch, double checking its contents before heading right back down to the room that had pretty much become hers and Clark's, however much she might keep some of her stuff stored in her original room.  She let herself in, not bothering to knock.  He was, after all, sure to have heard her coming.]

You ready, Smallville?

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[Is he ready for their personal Valentine's Day, which usually tends to go laughably wrong for them? He's always ready... ish.

When she opens the door he turns to look at her, just finishing up straightening that tie. He smiles.]

I'm ready. You look beautiful.

[And it only took her three hours. :'D]

And you look especially dashing yourself, Mr. Kent. [She'll come over there and yank the tie a little straighter herself, patting it down, and affording him a smile.]

[And a worthwhile three hours it was. He grins and presses a quick kiss to her lips.]

And the castle even got decorated a day early.

Believe me, I noticed. And I intend to be on my guard, no matter what the date is.

I'm now on a first name basis with Cupid himself, so hopefully he won't be coming after us.

You know, I could pretend to be surprised by that statement, but this place has kind of robbed me of my capacity for it, I think.

To be fair, that one's a recent development.

Well, it's nice to hear he might be on our side, for once.

I don't think anything, even Cupid, could make me any more in love with you than I already am, anyway.

Sweet talker. [But her incredibly pleased smile betrays her cool exterior.]

I believe if we don't hurry, we're going to miss our very exclusive reservations.

[Hell yeah, romantic.

He offers his arm.]

And we wouldn't want that.

[Which she takes happily.]

Think we can navigate the obstacle course of pink balloons?

If it gets too difficult, I can break out the heat vision and send them packing.

I kind of want to see that. [Chuckling, she shoves open the door and leads the way to the elevator.]

And ruin the decorations for everyone else?

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