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021 ♕ Call It A Ritual [action] | closed
♕ i don't anything b/c i don't have you
servesisis wrote in paradisa
[Everything is in place.  

Isis has Osiris' heart, and a vessel who seems tailor-made for this honor: one who lacks a heart, has semi-divine origins, and in many ways, reminds her of departed lover.

But given Jono's... unusual biology, there must be another blood sacrifice to bind the magic.  Luckily, one had come to her, and both vessel and sacrifice are now bound to tables in a high tower of the castle by glowing magical ropes.  She moves between them as they come back to consciousness slowly, finishing up her protective warding spells around the room.

She will not be interrupted this time.]

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If you think you're going to get away with this, you are seriously misguided. I mean, you're pretty much psychotic either way, but they're gonna stop you. Before you can do anything to either one of us. [ She spends a moment fidgeting with the ropes, trying to worm her hands around to find a knot but she a.) can't do enough with her hands for it to be any good, b.) has forgotten they're magic ropes and have not knots. Fuck. She looks over at Jono, uselessly. ] Please tell me you have a plan.

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[Having been magically knocked out by Isis, Jono found himself returning to consciousness bound to a table, someone else bound beside him. Rather than betray his consciousness, Jono instead keeps his eyes closed, his body limp. Using every bit of his concentration, Jono isolates his telepathic voice so it reaches Claire's mind, and Claire's mind alone.]

{Believe it or not...I do. 'M not sure what she intends t'do with you, but she's plannin' on stuffin' her dead lover's heart in me chest. I plan on lettin' her. She chose me because I've no heart of me own...but she don't know the reason why. In me chest there's a furnace o' energy so intense that nothin' survives in it. I'm gonna incinerate th' thing before it has a chance t'do anythin' t'me. If you can get outta 'ere, let everyone know what she's doin', an' what I'm doin' t'stop 'er.}

[Jono opens his eyes a bit, and gives Claire a meaningful look.]

{Got it?}

[Isis moves to the table where she has the urn, and picks up a fancy looking Egyptian style knife. She probably wished that up too, just to be authentic. She turns around and walks slowly between them.]

They will be too late.

[ A surprised look flits over her face but Claire just gives a barely visible nod, slowly turning her gaze up towards Isis. Great. Kidnapped with Isis and a guy with a furnace in his chest. She's just hoping Isis can't read his mind like he read hers.

She struggles a little more at her binds, but more discreetly now, trying to find some kind of weakness despite the fact that they're magical.

They're never too late. That's the point of heroes, they always make it right in the nick of time. The castle's full of them -- Batgirl. She'll come. Or Robin. [ Pleasepleaseplease let her be right. Let Tim or Steph come, because she was pretty sure this was going nowhere good. ] Let me go!

[This time, Jono allows himself to visibly stir. He wants Isis to know he's awake.]

{Gel's right, Isis. There're more bloody super heroes in this castle'n anyplace I've ever been. You think they're jus' gonna stand back an' let you do what you want?}

[Despite being bound, Jono is able to crane his neck up, so he can look Isis in the eye, his own eyes glowing red.]

{Don' bloody count on it.}

[Jono lays his head back down, continuing to formulate the plan he's hatching in a very private place in his mind.]

[Isis is undeterred, moving to stand over Claire.]

Many of these "heroes" have tried to stop me already: they have failed.

Submit yourself to this fate, and to the will of Isis.

[She extends a hand, slowly hovering it over Claire's chest.]

As once you lived, Osiris, so shall you live again.

I'm not submitting myself to anything, let me out of here! [ She struggles against the binds more severely now that Isis is getting closer. ] Your stupid boyfriend's dead, deal with it and try to find one who's not in your family next time.

{You've got an awful lotta ego for a dead god what needs humans fer your li'l bit o' mumbo-jumbo, Isis. You oughtta know I'll never be what you want me t'be, as long as there's life in me}

[His Hero instinct kicking in, Jono struggles against his own bonds, not wanting Isis to hurt Claire. Once again, he concentrates his telepathy entirely on her, hoping that Claire will be able to help him out.]

{Please tell me you've gotta way t'survive this? My name's Jonothan Starsmore, me mates back 'ome call me "Chamber", an' th' lot of us are what're called "mutants". I get th' feelin' that Catseye there picked you fer reasons similar t'mine. Don't speak yer answer out loud, jus' think it, an' I'll hear you.}

Your fears are for nothing: I do not relish taking your life simply to end it. My domain is life, healing, but you shall be returned to this world when Osiris brings his kingdom to rise with him.

Your sacrifice will bring you glory.

[And she starts chanting some shit in Egyptian.]

[ She doesn't mean to think it, because she's still in hide everything mode and, really, he'd find out when she got stabbed by the scary Egyptian knife anyway, but she can't help it. Claire's not exactly the master of thinking Japanese, that's Noah's department.

Like healing? Yeah. Got that covered. Survival, I can do. It's getting out of these stupid ropes that's the problem. She purses her lips more tightly and struggles more as the chanting begins.

Okay, creepy chanting? Not helping. I don't want Osiris' kingdom rising with him. And I don't want you taking my life either -- do you think dying gets better if you come back? No! It still hurts! [ Okay, so maybe it wouldn't hurt her. But still. ] This is not the kind of glory I want to be remembered for in the Most Likely To section of Paradisa's yearbook.

[If Jono had a mouth, he would smile. This is exactly what he wanted to hear from Claire. He keeps his voice trained on her one last time.]

{Tha's brilliant. Tall, dark, an' crazy 'ere needs a sacrifice. She ain' gonna get lifeblood outta you, if you ain' gonna die. She's gonna figure this out in short order, an' likely dump you, since yer no good to 'er. I'll keep 'er busy while you get th' cavalry t'deal with 'er.}

[No, he turns his attention back to Isis.]

{Thing is, luv, you bring yer undead 'ubby back t'the land o' th' livin', an' what 'appens t'the rest o' us? Y'expect t'ave some kinda great kingdom up 'ere? A kingdom o' bloody corpses? What a joke.}

You speak of things you cannot conceive of.

[She draws that knife up in front of her, trailing her fingers along the edge of it.]

Die with dignity, rather than mewling like an infant.

[ Rather anticlimactically, Claire draws her attention away from the knife above her and shoots a glare at Jono. ]

Hey, watch the tall, dark and crazy commentary, she's my friend when she doesn't have a psychopath inside her. [ Oh. Right that was ... telepathic talk. In her mind, of course, it's clear that his plan is precisely what she intends to do. But, it's time to pay attention to the fact that there is a knife in the room and it's hovering over her. She turns a sneer towards Isis. ]

I'm gonna give you one more chance to get out of her.

{I didn' know, 'm sorry. Jus' a li'l hard not t'be a li'l hostile t'th' bird what wants t'bring about th' apocalypse, an' wants t'use me t'do it.}

[More struggling as Jono tries to free himself from the magical bonds that hold him.]

{You might be surprised at what I can conceieve of, Isis. Yer not th' first o' yer sort I've tangled with.}


[With another wave of her hand she'll put one of those magical binders around your mouth, Claire. 8| Shut. Up.

She raises the ceremonial dagger high up over her head.]

With your death, bring life to He Who Was and He Who Shall Be.

[The dagger descends with all the force of a concentrated guillotine, directly into Claire's heart.]

[ She closes her eyes to brace for the impact, looking generally displeased with the shoddy gag, and then they go wide and she arches against the ropes a little, sucking in a gasp when the knife slides in, straight to the hilt.

The exhale is kind of wheezed and her chest clenches and shudders as her body tries to heal around the knife -- it tries to heal despite it being there, but, well, that's not doing much good.

She makes a muffled noise that's probably something along the lines of "Happy now?" and glares at Isis.

[As Isis attempts her sacrifice of Claire, Jono struggles against his magical bonds, still wishing to save Claire from being stabbed, despite him already knowing the outcome.]


[Isis' eyes close as the blade dives in. She's not happy about killing anyone, and it shows on her face, but it must be done. If you know, you're a psychopathic romantic.

The sound from what should be a silenced body takes her off guard, and her eyes flash open.]

What is this?

[ Another muffled noise as she tries to tell Isis that if she were less of a kinky psycho and would just take the gag off of her, she might explain.

Why is this always her life? You'd think that one day, people would get tired of kidnapping her and trying to kill her. But, no. Today is not that day.

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