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020 ♕ My Heart Will Go On (annnnd on) [Action/Voice]
♕ and you're just a slave like me
servesisis wrote in paradisa
[  You even get theme music.  Spoiler: it's not Celine Dion.

When the morning after Isis' trail of destruction dawns, various parts of the castle are left in shambles (at least until the castle repairs itself).  Holes in the roof, a devastated lobby with the second floor collapsed into the first, a library that looks like a tornado hit it, towers knocked down... Isis' fury left its mark.  But she's also gleaned some important information along the way - that she can simply wish for Osiris' heart, and it will appear.  It might seem eerily quiet, suddenly, after the chaos of the last day or two, but when her voice thunders across the journal, it becomes clearer why.]

To those whose shallow concepts of love led them to believe I could be kept from reuniting with my Osiris, you will soon see the error of your ways.  Those who have attempted to stand in my path have suffered for it, and more will pay if I am interrupted further.  

To the one called Clark, he who claims to love the woman who once inhabited this body:  your insolence will not be tolerated this time.  I offered you a great honor, to serve as the vessel of the most glorious of gods, and you spat on this honor.  Oppose me again, and this vessel shall be destroyed.  You will be shown no mercy.

Prepare, mortals, to witness the glory of Osiris and his kingdom.  Queen Isis, mother of the gods, sovereign of life and death, speaks this, and as I prophesy, so shall it be.  

Nothing - not distance, nor time, nor magic - shall sever our love.

[ooc;  This post is your last chance to talk to / run into Isis unless you are signed up for the final battle/ to be sacrificed.  It's not too late to sign up!  Open for voice or action!spam, anywhere in the castle.  Isis is on the hunt for a new vessel for Osiris, and toting around his heart in an urn. :'D  The research team is now free to stumble upon information in the next day or so that Osiris rising will supposedly bring his kingdom (the Underworld/Hell) with him when he rises and/or that the necklace is where Isis' spirit was trapped by Set and can be trapped again vis sunlight through the amulet.  Please have the info on how to stop her be discovered after this post so that anyone encountering her in the action here won't know already.  ♥]

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[Apparently Angel has been really off the grid these past couple of days, because he would be all up in this stop the crazed goddess business that has been going on. Moseying through the castle, he can't help but notice some of the destruction attributed to Isis' recent little temper tantrum. He's just about to open his journal and find out what the hell is going on when he turns a corner to find himself face to face with (unbeknownst to him) said goddess, herself]

Oh. Hey.

[And then glancing back down the ruined hallway which, let's just pretend is one of the places that had been used as a battleground recently when Isis had been staging her attack against the castle itself]

Do you have any idea what happened back here?

[Isis turns slowly in his direction, inclining her head a bit. In her hands is a very Egyptian urn made of solid gold.]

It is of no concern to you.

Spoken like one who has never experienced real love.

[He has done a surprisingly good job avoiding her –– listening to other people, for once –– but even he can't completely ignore a shout-out over the journals.

He's just going to listen for now, but his blood is close to boiling underneath the surface.]

[...He's been staying in his room to avoid all of this, but when that voice comes over the journal it distinctly rubs him the wrong way.]

...You are acting like a child with an extensive vocabulary and entirely too much power at their disposal.

[...He totally felt this comment was necessary.]

I possess the wisdom of ages. It is you who cannot conceive the depth of my love.

[Brennan does not think very highly of love, despite wanting to know what it is like to lose yourself in another person. She also, apparently, does have a hard time taking advice from her partner once in a while - especially when it comes to heckling gods. Because she really can't help but respond when she hears this.]

Love is transitional, a chemical processes that causes delusions. The build up of oxytocin and other associated hormones is a biological result of repeated intercourse with an individual.

This from the one who does not believe in the gods. Who believes only in what is before her eyes.

[ it's taken her some time to follow the path of destruction and catch up with isis (i.e., this thread comes after this) but she's managed it. let it never be said that claire bennet doesn't have determination in spades. the word suffered has earned some serious worry, though -- suffered how? did they die? ]

So, you found it. [ she is on alert, trying to give her a non-gay once over and catch a glimpse of that tiny gold, oblong amulet that cassie was talking about. ] Uh ... congratulations.

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[Oh this girl. Isis is so happy to see you~]

Now, our eternal union shall be resurrected.

And you... [Isis walks towards her oh so slowly] will receive your reward.

[ only listening for now. not going to be stupid. yet. ]

[feel that sense of impending doom yet, aki?]

[hey, for once at least it's not lana who's possessed]

[just catching up on the daily BS of the castle since you know some of it is suddenly in ruins and she's flipping through the journal like HUH.

Clark was actually possibly getting laid?

Wait, she means, someone has possessed Clark's girlfriend? What?]

Great. Love obsessed crazy on the loose.

[You know, that seems to be a bigger news flash than the whole crazy possessed god deal]

Your mocking words will soon be silenced.

[Of course, Jono heard her over the journals, and was now feeling exceptionally guilty for having been the one to provide her with the information that had led her to recovering what she'd been after. When he actually sees her, he can scarcely believe his eyes.]

{Oh bloody hell. Is that what you wanted the Heart of Osiris for? 'M sorry I ever said anythin'...}

[So this was the guy, eh? She'll give him a once over as she circles him.]

You have done me a great service.

Oh, so you found his heart? [yeah, he's been stalking quietly]

The castle has answered my demands.

Love? Is that what this is all about? You could have fooled me.

That is because you look, but do not see.

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