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018 ♕ Isis Rises [action/voice]
♕ i have faith that you're out there
servesisis wrote in paradisa
[Whatever doubts she might profess about trusting the necklaces from Flora, it doesn't make Lois any less curious about them.  But her suspicions are only piqued further when she decides to examine one herself, but finds that it has been either changed into something different, or replaced in her belongings with another.  This piece is markedly Egyptian and looks authentic -- and when Lois lifts it to her neck in the mirror, a glow begins to emanate from it.  She has no time to even express surprise before the light engulfs her entire room, pouring out of the necklace and into her...

It is not long after that "Lois" enters the hallway, clad abruptly in the
costume of an Egyptian goddess.  There's something unusual in the way she holds herself: a self-possessed stateliness,  and there's a depth of unsettling wisdom in her gaze.  She speaks aloud to herself as she looks up and down the hall coolly, her words picked up by the journal lying open behind her in the room.  Her voice resonates deeply and may not be recognizable immediately as Lois' to anyone who doesn't know her well.]

I demand the return of Osiris' heart.

[Loss start!   Please see this info/sign-up post if you plan on being involved face-to-face with Isis.  It includes a layout of all posts I have planned for her, and what I'm hoping to accomplish with each post.  You're free to sign up even if you didn't do so originally!]

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[happens to be in the hallway as Lois is coming out, with Alice and Cooper -- who proceeds to not be happy puppies. Sam crouches to calm them first, before looking up at Lois.]

Nice outfit, Lois.

[a beat]

Who's heart?

[At the voice and grating growls of the dogs, Isis turns slowly to regard Sam. Her eyes fix upon the animals' for a moment, and their barking slows to a sharp whimper, before her eyes draw back towards his.]

The heart of Osiris. Do you know its location?

[How can you pass by her in the hall and not look her up and down...? Spike doesn't even realize it's Lois at first. When he does, he stops and raises an eyebrow.]

Lose something?

It has been taken from me. [Did somebody order a goddess with some anger and bitterness in her tone?

... Whoever they were, they're an idiot.]

Do you know where the heart is now?

[Lois' outfit definitely catches Brennan's eye as she walks down the hall. She dismisses the costume itself, settling her attention on the necklace instead.]

That is a remarkable reproduction.

[Isis doesn't bother to correct her on that. More pressing matters at hand. :| ]

Where might I find more treasures such as this?

[Over the journal, trollin' a troll]

Fill out a request form and wait seven-to-nine days.

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[Wut. Where is that coming from?]

Who speaks?

I figured you'd show up, what with all the cats.

[as the mun laments about there being no Kane Chronicle muses in the castle]

My arrival was not heralded by any signs.

Uh, sure, let me just go dig it out of my underwear drawer. [ a beat, then a shake of her head. ] Nice outfit. So, are we talking a literal heart that you misplaced here or something else?

[She looks the girl up and down, evaluating.]

The heart that beat in his chest when he lived, and will, when he rises again.

[Man, Gabriel could spot that bellow from a mile away without angel powers.... Which is exactly what just happened... Okay, it was ten feet away, tops, but shut up. He'll question her meatsuit in a minute. Excuse him while he looks all sultry~]

Lover-Boy skip out on you again, Isis?

[WAY TO STRIKE A NERVE, DICK. Isis turns an angered/pained gaze slowly towards him. HUH SHE DOESN'T LOOK VERY GLAD TO SEE YOU.]


[Darkwing's patrolling the halls, still on the hunt for the dreaded Marshmallow Wallet Thief, and anything else that might look suspicious...]

... [oooookay. she might be human, but still. he just sort of stares]

Homina homina...

[Well, that's something a goddess doesn't see every day.]

What is this?

[Oh man. This? This could get interesting. About time something happened that didn't involve animals.]

Good luck with that.

I have searched this world for it before - and I will again, until I locate it.

[that does sound vaguely familiar, but only because she was just talking to Lois]

Osiris... Like, the Egyptian god?

Yes, the same Osiris.

Dictated over the journal! =3

{Lose somethin'?}

I grow tired of these responses.

Does this castle possess the heart of Osiris?

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