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loisfuckinglane wrote in paradisa
[Filtered to current residents]

Ok, Robosaurus aside, I think there's something we need to address as a group: namely those too-good-to-be-true gifts from Mother Hubbard and Garfield that let us operate gizmos in the Dead Zone.

I know we have scientists taking a look a them to try and figure out how they work (and if now isn't the time for some kind of miracle of reverse engineering, I don't know what is), but I think there's reason to be concerned about how she just so happened to send one for all of us.  According to reports from Mineas Well, Flora claimed her own powers stem from her magical covenant with the Tree she inhabits, and that she had no idea how the people in armored suits managed to make tech work.  Her suggestion was that they'd also made a contract with some natural source of power like the Tree.  She told Jr. that she'd never thought about replicating electricity or technology because it doesn't exist in her own world.  Does anyone else think it's a little shady that she was suddenly able to mass produce a bunch of these?  

I'm not saying we shouldn't trust her - we don't have any real evidence yet that she means anything but good, but I don't know how I feel about all of us throwing on some mystical piece of jewelry that might have some kind of auxiliary function we don't know about.  They could be trackers, or mind controllers or who knows what, and the bottom line is I don't think we should go around wearing them other than when it's necessary until we know for sure.  It seems like giving them to us is encouraging us to go out in the Dead Zone, when according to Zexion, the hostile First Gens may have declared hunting season on castle residents roaming around.  If she just wanted us to come visit her, the crystal should have been enough.  So either she's completely on our side, and wants us to not show fear in the face of their big bully threats, which I can get behind more or less, or there's some piece to the puzzle we're missing here and we should proceed with caution.

Also, I'm working on adding all the info from Zexion and Mineas Well to my report on the Dead Zone, so you can expect that in the next week or two.  Newbies, school yourselves.

[Raine Sage]

I don't know if you saw this [#] but some of us were talking about making an attempt to establish contact over the journal with the hostiles, and Allen suggested you and me to put our heads together about it.  So how much do you think this has bad idea written all over it?

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So, would you say sitting around and thinking up conspiracy theories is a normal day for you, then?

But honestly, I do think you've got a point. I know I wouldn't jump for the chance to put one of them on. Do we even know for sure that they work or are we just going on her word?

Somebody's gotta ask the tough questions.

The Doctor was putting together a group to go out there and test them. I don't know if they're back yet.

This is why you should never trust anyone over the age of thirty.

You can't be serious.

Well, I'm not sure about how she was able to make the crystals, but I'm absolutely sure we can trust her. I have a friend from the same world she's from, and I've met her apprentice from that world, too. Both she and her apprentice helped my friend, and he vouched for her several times when he was here -- before we realized she was out there, too.

I guess it's up to you how you take that, though.

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How long has she been out there, though? If she's lived out there for ages, who knows how she's changed from how your friend remembers her? Heck, she could be in the hostile group's back pocket, and the whole thing about burning down the tree-house was to build up to this.

[is just like... amazed at this post. SHE NEVER WOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF ANY OF THIS]

Ah... I've been wearing one of those necklaces for a few days now, and nothing bad has happened.

Edited at 2011-01-12 07:39 pm (UTC)

I'm relatively sure if they were for some other purpose, we wouldn't know until a) they'd been all passed around and b) it was too late.

I do not like jumping to conclusions. Or speculation. But I found your ability to concisely report facts to be very useful so far.

[There's a pause.]

Have you been here long?

I don't know about you, but to me, it seems like thinking we can just trust the gifts of some strange lady we've only met once would constitute jumping to conclusions.

Since mid September.

Finally someone speaks with some sense.

Did no one teach these people not to take presents from strangers?

I can understand why people want to trust it, but that doesn't make it smart.

Still working hard, I see. No rest for the reporters.

If I ever stop, you'll know the castle's turned me into a braindead townie.

I hope he doesn't blame me for the name compromise.

I don't trust magic back home and I trust it even less here.

That said... if there's any trustworthy person with magic in the castle, it might be a good idea to have them look at the necklaces as well.

As for the old woman's intentions... there's no way to really tell without talking with her more.

After the Doctor and scientists are done with it, I'll see if we can round up some magic experts. It might take them putting their heads together to crack it.

At least we have easier access to her now, I suppose.


And even if you trust her, that doesn't necessarily mean trusting the talismans.

Exactly. She never said she made them.

Is that what they do... [has actually been wearing hers though she's taking it off now]

If it's a tracker, that's an awful lot of people to track.

I'm not sure what they do yet. We're waiting on word from the Doctor.

[hang on, he's gotta laugh for a sec. Mother Hubbard and Garfield... that's pretty good!]

Hoo... But, yeah. Those are some good points. I can't say that I've been all behind totally trusting them either. No one is completely selfless.

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[She doesn't really expect a reponse, but she writes one anyway:]

Does this have something to do with the disappearances last year?

[If Allen is right - if this is Riful after all - maybe she's yanking her chain. Why would she feel the need to be so cryptic? Then again...

There's a chance he could be wrong, especially given how emotional his reaction was. Maybe he was seeing something just because he wanted it to be there. And if there's a real clue here, she's going to figure out what it is. No matter what.]

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