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happy ⋙ but honestly
clarklike wrote in paradisa
----- People who can work with card-key type technology -----

I've got a master key I need reproduced for the entire castle. Anyone have any idea how I'd get that done?

----- Lois Lane (backdated to Christmas) -----

[Victorian clothes, turtledoves, balls, toy castles, mice armies, clockwork mazes, candylands and a dream later, Clark is waking up to his normal room. After pulling on a t-shirt and jeans he picks up a small wrapped box up off his dresser and shoves it in his back pocket.

Honestly, he never thought he'd miss modern clothes so much.

Clark slips into the hall and heads up to Lois' room.]

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[Someone else is equally happy to have her wardrobe back in place, and finishing up her makeup when she hears the door. She assumes it's another one of those ghosts delivering a present or something, and she glances over at her own pile of rather ineffectively wrapped gifts that still need to be distributed at some point. Getting to her feet, she shouts: "I'm coming!", making her way over to yank the door open.

A smile immediately lights up her face when she sees who it is.]


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[He loves seeing her face light up like that. He smiles right back, giving her a glance over. Yeah, he likes seeing her as a modern girl, too.]

Merry Christmas.

[It sort of feels like she just saw him after that ever so vivid dream (well, one of many, but the one where she wasn't crashing the party), but she still throws her arms around his neck and hugs him tightly. She'll take real Clark over dream Clark any day.]

Merry Christmas.

[He hugs her back, even lifting her off her feet for a sec.]

Have a good sleep?

[She laughs happily at that, then rolls her eyes slightly at the question.]

That depends entirely on your definition of 'good sleep'. I had some really ... bizarre dreams.

Unusually good dream with the option to visit other people's dreams?

That's... a mighty good guess which means it's probably not a guess at all, is it?

I'm pretty sure the castle linked all our dreams up.

It's got an awfully strange way of spreading holiday cheer.

... So you had one too.

I did. Just a quiet Christmas on the farm, with friends and family. You?

Funny. Yours sounds pretty familiar.

What can I say? Nothing says Hallmark card Christmas like the Kent farm.

[A little more seriously:]

And I always felt at home there.

It's home whenever you want it to be, Lois. You're always welcome.

An invitation that doesn't really do us much good right now, but the sentiment's appreciated, Smallville. [More than he knows, if the glow on her cheek's anything to say about it.]

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