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happy ⋙ but honestly
clarklike wrote in paradisa
I just thought I should let people know that Superboy-Prime has left the building.

Have a great night, everyone.

---- Family and Friends (DCU, Clark's friends...) -----

Anyone interested in doing a big Thanksgiving dinner together? We've done it the past few years, and peacefully too (knock on wood.) I'd be happy to host it again.

Anyone who wants to come can bring friends, as well, and weather permitting we can do our own Thursday Night Football again.

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[Oh hey, Lois is back to normal. PRETENDING NOTHING WEIRD HAPPENED NOW.]

Need some help with party planning, Smallville? Never knew fiestas were your specialty.

[Where's the monologue, honey?]

I've done Thanksgiving thing the past two years here. I could always use help to do another.

[So help you, Clark, be glad she can't read minds.]

What do you have done so far?

[One of the benefits of having a 100% Human Girlfriend.]

Sent out invitations, and enlisted Lana's help on making the actual dinner. Still need to get in touch with Claire about that, too.

[And people dare to question him on it. Amateurs.]

So that leads decorating and directing the little Pilgrims and Indian skit the Bats'll be putting on to me, does it? [... Yeah, she doesn't care if they all see that. IT'S JUST A JOKE, they can all lighten up.]

[Oh, Lois.]

... something like that. We didn't have live entertainment in the previous years.

That's because you didn't have Lois Lane putting things together.

Things do get admittedly sloppy without you running the show.

A fact you're smart to recognize.

Any idea on how big it'll be yet?

I think we had around thirty last year.

Let's see... you, me, Oliver, Lana and Chloe makes five from our timeline.

Then we have nine Batkids plus Bruce, then we have Bart and Cassie and Roy, plus whatever friends any of them bring. Claire and any of her friends.

At least twenty, I'm thinking. Probably more.


Better find one big turkey.

[Brb, having a snapping match with him.]

Or a few.

Here's the fun part, too: two Karas, and potentially two Dick Graysons and two Tim Drakes.

[She was totally just trying to help.]

Well, that'll make planning seating arrangements out just nice and extra confusing.

Then there's the fun in arranging it so that certain people don't end up starting fights.

I've masterminded Lane family Thanksgivings - I think that makes me an expert on that particular subject, superpowers or no.

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