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012 ♕ [voice or spam] | backdated a couple days asklfa;f
| not even worth pretending i care
loisfuckinglane wrote in paradisa
[Thanks to Lorne, Lois has spent a few days fully believing she's a gritty noir detective.  Somewhere she even managed to find a fedora and a trenchcoat.  Don't ask.  Anyways, the italicized "narration" can actually be heard by your character  - she just fully believes that it can't be.

It's also fully audible when she lights up a cigarette upon opening the journal and takes a long drag.]

Seems like every day around here dropped forty more pieces into a puzzle put together by Picasso.  I was starting to get the feeling that we were all being laughed at, by someone pulling invisible strings to make us dance whatever sick and twisted jig they wanted.

I needed a drink.  A drink, a smoke, and some solid leads.  Two of those were easy to find.

[Filtered from First Gens]

Reviewing the Doc's notes was both enlightening and frustrating as hell.    Suits having rechargeable power sources only seems to support what we've been throwing around as a theory about the Dead Zone dumps recently.   But how the hell did they find out where the Well was?  Something smells a dirty game, and believing Flora, Zexion, and the first gens meeting up in one place at one time like this with us in the middle was a coincidence is something only a real sap would do.

And who were the mugs who took those books - and what for?  If the suits got in the castle somehow, and it wouldn't be the first time, since that's how they stole the damn things, maybe it was them.  Seems to fit with their vendetta versus Hammond, at least.  Maybe he put something in those books they didn't want us to know.

Too many questions, not enough answers.

Guess it's a start, at least, and around here, we gotta take what we can get.

So what's the verdict, anyways, from those of you who went: think we can trust this Flora dame?  And what about this Zexion guy?

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Lang. One of the people I wanted to see.

What do you think about what happened out there? You got the fly on the wall view after all.

Simple question. Can we trust 'em or are they just a pair of skid rogues?

. . . [That's funny, you sound just like Lois.]

Looks complicated.

Not a big fan of complicated.

Black, white, or bourbon, I'll take.

[what's with all these haters? That sounded like it came straight out of a mystery novel *_*]

... Eloquent.

You got an opinion to weigh in on this one, sister?

Everybody wake up with cotton in their ears or something?


Is this a game? Can anyone play?

A jam like this is hardly a game, Lar.

Aren't you the industrious little investigator.

[Sounds like someone in a power suit talking. Yep.]

If that's Stark, I'd like a word or two with you.

[Filter - assuming he can be in on it >_>]

[Carefully swallowing his mirth.]

Flora, yeah. Zexion, hard to say.

I think we can trust he's acting in his own interests.

Filter (OH SURE WHY NOT, she's cuckoo right now anyways)

Voice of experience?

[she sounds kind of different, but she's bringing up good points, so he'll focus on that and stalk this]

No idea about either of 'em - but Flora did help us out of there instead of handing us over.

Doesn't mean she doesn't have some end game of her own in store.

What about Zexion?

You two used to be pals?

[Honey, what are you on?]

... Lois, are you dictating your inner monologue?

It was an honest question, Kent.

[This entry is the best thing. Muffled snickering.]

So what's the skinny with the stolen books, Sam? Throw me a bone here.

[lmao you little troll]

It's possible they're long gone by this point, unless they're working an inside man.

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