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011 ♕ [voice/written]
| so this time it's evil cyborg you?
loisfuckinglane wrote in paradisa
[Lois had to admit: finding her journal just lying around waiting for her in the random forest was creepy.  It had 'trap' written all over it.  But she wasn't about to complain.  Yet.  

The first part of the entry is a recording:]

This is Lois Lane, and I'm with Lucy Saxon and Jo Harvelle.  We're all in one piece, though currently about eight degrees left of lost in the middle of nowhere.  We haven't seen any landmarks yet, but we've been sending up signals where we can, so those of you patrolling keep your eyes on the skies.   According to Clark's stick trick, we're northeast of the castle somewhere.

More importantly, we ran into some... people out here.  

People from ... the town, that is.  I think they got dumped out here too, so whatever took us wasn't just doing it to castle residents.  They weren't exactly the best conversationalists, given that they were practically talking in tongues, tripping over themselves to run back towards the castle and muttering stuff about how they needed to get there right now or else.  "Or else what" we couldn't get out of them, because they got physical anytime we tried to restrain them to even talk to them.  I'm thinking they've got that same pull we do towards the place, but theirs seems to be amped up to 800.   Maybe someone should keep an eye out around the town for when they start getting back.  You might be able to get more out of them then.  [Assuming they make it back alive and don't run stupidly into a tree or something.]

And hey, Akihiko, you better not have been beating yourself up over me disappearing.  That one was all me.  [Do you hear that, Clark?  Don't blame him.  :|  ]

... Not sure if anyone's mentioned this yet, so I'm curious to hear from the other people it happened to, but it sure felt like something had dropped us when we woke up.

[handwriting takes over then; it's jittery because Lucy's hand is shaking from the cold. November + outdoors + pajamas = incipient hypothermia]

I was taken in the morning, but I didn't wake up in the Dead Zone until nearly nightfall. I don't know if that's important at all, but I thought it would be worth mentioning too.

[Jo waits until Lucy is done and when the journal is handed to her, she balances it on her knee, holding it in place with her sprained wrist as she crouches low to the ground]

I was taken on Friday, right out’a the damn walk-in at the Lux. Last time I had checked the time it was about four-thirty, but I woke-up to pitch-black night. I tried to look for any of the other missing people… but I only found Lucy and Lois. [she won’t be mentioning that she is injured and she sure as Hell isn’t broadcasting that she killed an eight-legged sheep to survive either…]

I’m fine, though. [Sam, you can breathe now.] Just a bit worn out and ready for my wilderness adventure to be done.


To Lucy]

Which morning were you taken?
(Frozen) (Thread)

So they really don't have any free will left.

[Thinking about the time the castle brainwashed him into thinking he was a town person, and how good it felt to come back to himself when he'd been tossed into the Dead Zone.]

I'm pretty sure All Their Brain Are Belong to The Castle at this point.

Wait, Lucy? You were taken too?

[He's back at the castle by now, so hearing that the whole kidnapping thing was still going on was a bit disconcerting.]

Strange, about the townspeople...maybe there's something they need back here. Or they have a sort of addiction to this place, and they're undergoing some sort of withdrawal...

[on her end, Lucy is breathing a rattling sigh of relief and taking the journal from Lois to reply]

You're safe? I was worried about you.

[And lo, his chances of flipping a shit out of stress has lowered dramatically. Breath of relief.]


I'm going to hang around the Northeast area, then. Are you sure you're alright? The other two, too?

[Boy, is it nice to hear that voice.] We're fine. Just a couple... minor scrapes from the fall. Nothing serious. We could do with some water, though, especially Jo.

No sign of an outpost so far but I didn't think there was one in this direction anyways, right?

You're telling me. They were practically clambering over each other. Pretty sure they would have clawed our eyes out if we tried to stop them.

[a deep breath] Thank god you're all alright.

[she doesn't know Clark has any powers, but if he's going to be in their area, that's still reassuring] Are you all okay for the walk back? At least out of the Dead Zone?

I think we're out of it by now. The problem is just locating some water - Jo's been out here almost a week, and not going on on very much.

[ because we get to assume they give each other their names at one point.. ]


I'd really like to be the first to say that I'm glad you're safe and not dead. Especially the latter.

Though, uh, the townspeople? Yeesh.

[Of course! Among their girly lessons.]

Thanks, Jessica. And me too.

As for them... if there are any heroes buzzing around, they should check a straight path north west from the castle. I'm not sure starvation or thirst would be enough to even send those people off course and just because they're brain dead doesn't mean they have to die.

[Yay Sam can breathe again! He's going to stop Eliot wherever it is that they're trekking to, and then speak]

Do you know which side of the castle you're on?

[Hi, Sam. Don't be mad at her for staying out here longer... she was trying to find other people. You know her, she'll put others before her damn self.]

Northeast. [which she's not sure if that's what he meant, but dammit it's the only answer she has]

[Definitely marking this page.]

Thank you for keeping us informed.

A reporter's duty. You're the one organizing a trip to that well, right?

...I suppose freeing them from the castle is harder than simply putting them in the Dead Zone then.

[he's not too surprised considering how it felt when he was dragged out to the dead zone after only a DAY of being a towns person :| ]

I think trying to 'free' them sounds about as complicated as trying to free ourselves.

[the relief is clear in her voice] Hey there. Do you have a good idea of where you're going?

Retracting the 'lost' statement. Clark's found us already so we should be home sweet demented castle soon.

Lois! You're okay!

[ Kara is so relieved. SHE WAS WORRIED. ;-; ]

You were expecting any less?

Oh, thank god. [Superman won't kill Akihiko now, yaaaay!] You have no idea how good it is to hear from you.

Sorry to make you guys worry. Hope Clark didn't give you all a hard time. [FILTERS? WHO NEEDS FILTERS?]

Looks like our trip got all the luck.


Right, this is ridiculous. How many people?

From the town, I mean. Assuming you three are gonna manage.

Just two, but there could have been more.


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