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an issue so serious it calls for Serious Chinese Food
serious ⋙ i know i can't
clarklike wrote in paradisa
[ Filtered from the First Gens. (Outsiders, People Beyond, etc.)]

By now we've all gathered that everyone disappearing is ending up in the Dead Zone. We don't know why, but until we get more clues, we have to focus on getting those people back safely.

Some of them are in areas that have no shelter and no food or water sources, so they can't just hope to walk back if it's they're too far. Some people have already been looking meet with whoever we can get in contact with, and keep an eye out and patrol for the rest. I think it'd be a good idea to get everyone who can easily move between the castle and the border checking around the perimeter of the Dead Zone on a regular basis, so that no one has to walk further than they need to.

If you end up out there with a journal:
Naturally, anyone out in the Dead Zone will know which direction the castle is, but they can't tell whether they are north, south, east, west. If we can find out where they are, people can head out directly to meet them, or know where to keep an eye out.

You can find what direction you are this way:
- find a stick around two feet long and stick it end-up in the dirt.
- mark where the end of the shadow falls.
- wait half an hour.
- mark the new point where the shadow is.

The first point is West, and the second point is East. North and South are on a perpendicular line intersecting the line between West and East. Walk around that and find out which way the castle is. If you need to head East to get back to the castle, we're going to need to go West to meet you, and so on.

If you end up out there without a journal:
Best advice I can suggest is a smoke signal. Make a big fire on the highest ground you can find, with no trees obstructing the view. Throw some fresh grass or leaves on it and it'll create a lot of smoke.

I'll be making regular patrols around the border, as are a few others, so hopefully something will get seen.

Other than that, I'm welcome to hearing other ideas.

Update: Raine is suggesting people carry around at least a day's worth of food and water on them until this is over, just in case you end up next.

Dead Zone
Lana -- safe
Julian, Sakura -- safe
Tesla, Jo, Ukitake -- ???
Minato, Joshua F., Lenalee -- ???

[ Filtered from Bernkastel, Lambdadelta and Erika, as well as any of their allies ]

Anything other than that, we don't know what's going on, at least until we find something or the girls responsible for the warning feel "charitable" enough to say more.

[That last statement is drier than the Sahara desert.]

Any ideas? Can anyone more familiar with Bernkastel, Lambdadelta and Erika explain more about them, or what they can do?

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[And this is one of the many reasons she loves you.]

It's good advice, though when it comes to people stuck without journals, there's the potential problem that they'll be too far out for the smoke signals to be seen and they'll be stuck waiting around for a train that's never gonna come.

Make a fire, burn, keep moving. Rinse and repeat.

My bigger concern is that it might attract other people.

Maybe you should spell that one out for the crowd. It's a good idea, I just don't want anyone following the letter of the law and winding up in hotter water than they already are.

... That's a worry too, but I think it'd be more dangerous for them to try to escape detection, given there'd be roughly no hope of us finding them if they were actively trying to keep out of anyone else's sights.

Ollie was talking about whether this could be connected to that Midnight Man incident, seeing as how it involved kidnappings too. But trying to figure out why they'd be dumping anyone out there...

I mean, it could be possible someone from here was testing whether the Outsiders meant business about not letting anyone out there. In which case, they might want these people to be found by the wrong party.

But I can't say I put any stock in the theory that it was somebody from here without any outside help, given that they'd had to have transported them out, and it would have taken them at least several days to take them out that far. There's just no way around that.

Will do, thanks.

I don't know much about this Midnight Man incident, but Jr.'s been sweeping Insolitus, and I'm going to go over it again at a microscopic level when I have a moment. Might turn up something, but if it doesn't, that trail's gone cold.

Who here would be testing those waters? Aside from Riful and Arthas living near the border, all of the other people I know who cause trouble either don't seem to care about going beyond the border, would die if they crossed, or are smarter than that. If it's really about testing whether the Outsiders would kill, why not wait for one of those big expeditions? The quest for knowledge is a little more threatening than some lost, unarmed people with no supplies.

But, again, there's no way someone from the castle could move people that far, that fast. That isn't even to mention that Tony would know if the Ironman suits entered the area again.

I only know what I've read, seeing as how the people I tried to talk to about were kind of tight lipped, but it seems like they don't know much either. But whoever did it could have been operating with powers that would explain a lot of the mystery: unlike what's happening this time around.

I don't know enough of the people here to rule out that one of them might put the possibility of getting out of here above the lives of some of their fellow residents. It's not something I really like thinking about, it was just a possibility. But it's a moot point anyways, since even if someone were willing to go that far, they couldn't have been behind this. Which means if we have a culprit, it's the castle, or something outside of it.

And I have to agree, it seems an odd move for the castle to make, since it seems so intent on keeping people in. But I thought the Outsiders in Tony's suits had actually physically brought people back here before; if they had the means to just magically transport residents from spot to spot like this, why would they even have to resort to threats?

Edited at 2010-11-08 09:24 pm (UTC)

Did any of the people caught in that Midnight Man ordeal have any special powers, or were they primarily human? If they were just human and didn't have any other senses... it could have been just about anything.

Which is why none of this makes sense. The castle has no reason to put people in a place where it doesn't like people going. The Outsiders have no reason to drag people out there, unless they're trying to lure out groups... which makes no sense, because they asked us to stay out entirely.

As for residents, many of them would be capable of pulling off the kidnapping without anyone noticing –– Prime, Hank, Riful, Joshua, anyone with magic or superspeed. But even then, how could anyone get them a hundred miles out into the Dead Zone, instantaneously?

I wish I had so much as a sound working theory for you, Smallville, but the most disturbing part of this is I can't think of a single one.

Unless there's someone out there we don't know about yet. Or we're reading someone or something's motivations all wrong.

We've still got time. Thinking about it, if I can see Lana, Julian or Sakura, maybe they've got DNA samples left on them or something.

As for a dark horse somewhere... that's always a possibility.

Because we didn't have enough things worth worrying about.

You'll be happy to hear, though, that I cast my vote for turning castleward again once we get everybody back within the borders. For now, at least.

I was hoping that'd be the consensus.

I'm still not sure what everyone's voting but Lana and I are at least on the same page about it. And considering what she's just been through, I think her vote should count for two.

There'll be another chance to go come spring.

[She really doesn't like... thinking that long term about this place, still. :| Sorry, Clark.]

You can save the sales pitch, like I said, I already accept that now's not the world's best timing. We've got bigger things to worry about. Just have to convince the rest of the crew to feel the same way, and I think Claire's the only one who might argue.

If she argues, let me know.

[He will carry her back kicking and screaming if it comes to it.]

I think I can handle the teenage girl. You worry about the more supersized problems.

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