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010 ♕ [voice/spam] | forward dated to thurs morning
| tony stark misinterpreted 'exclusive'
loisfuckinglane wrote in paradisa

One day out and we've already misplaced an entire person?

I'd say we're running a little low on good omens for this trip in general so far.

[Temptation to filter entry away from Clark, rising.  His 'I told you so' face is already haunting her.]

[Public; Voice]

Sooo, out of curiosity, Lana Lang hasn't shown up back at the castle, has she?

[She debates saying more, but decides to keep it that to minimize panic.  Lana's been missing since they woke up this morning at their campsite, about a day's travel from the castle.  There's no sign of any kind of scuffle, none of her things are gone, and she sure didn't leave any detailed notes about where she went off to.  It's becoming increasingly apparent as time ticks by that she's not coming back any time soon, and searching the nearby area hasn't yielded up so much as a suspicious track at this point.  Right now, Lois is pacing around the campsite, journal in hand, as she waits for some kind of word from the castle that she doubts is actually coming.

ooc; Open for campsite/search party spam as well as journal replies]

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[ Well. That's not what Kara was expecting from the open journal. ]

Lana's missing?

[ a giggle from this girl is all lois is gonna git' ;; sob ]

Was that a yes? A no? Work with me, people.

[there is a fwoom noise, and then this girl's voice, which sounds incredibly smug]

No one has entered or exited Lana Lang's room since ten-o-clock last night.

Who was in her room last night?

[Serious as all hell:]

No. Why?

She... left without telling anyone where to or why.

[Nearby, trying not to freak the fuck out. Really. Trying.]

Maybe she decided it was a bad idea? And was really good at covering her tracks...

Without telling any of us?

... Was she supposed to? I didn't know she was gone.

[very faint hint of worry there]

Several of us left yesterday and she was with our group last night.

Well, if she does show, make sure one of us hears about it?

She was supposed to be on watch last night.

If something happened, we would have heard it. Totally.

[pretend this is... later Thursday afternoon-ish]

Any news? [he's... not going to sift through all of the different conversations... not when he can just ask the Reporter Lane for the scoop]

No sign of her yet whatsoever, and absolutely nothing of hers is missing. No tracks and Kara, Cassie, and Clark haven't found anything by sweeping the area.

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