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clarklike wrote in paradisa
[Died in canon? Check. Clark's got his full face of make-up and as much as he'd like to stay in his room all day after building way too many little shrines, the dog needs to go out and he'd like to see what's going on.

So for now, he's got his hands in his pockets and a coat with a high collar on, as well as a hat. You know, a Clark Kent hat. Being a bit inconspicuous means less of a chance of freaking people out. Shelby's out and trotting around, though obviously not allowed in the cemetery itself. Clark just wanders between the tombstones, checking the names while waiting for the dog to do its thing.

Hurry up, dog, he'd rather avoid awkward conversations.]

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[Lois needed to get some air, so she's come down to take a look at the little rumored cemetery thing going on. Nice and morbid, really. Clark's got plenty of time to notice her making her way through the headstones on a due course for him and Shelby though.]

[Whoops, just who he didn't want to draw the attention of. He pulls the hat a bit lower over his eyes, and glances between her and Shelby.

Superspeeding the dog would be cruel.

But he can't just wait, because then Lois will see him.

Or his tombstone.

Better he doesn't draw attention to it, at least. He glances at Shelby again.

He'll be alright for a little while. Clark'll keep an eye out, in case Lois doesn't come across him.]

[And so Lois comes across the abandoned dog, whom she recognizes instantly. She looks around hopefully for Clark, but when she doesn't seem him, she frowns and marches over to call Shelby over and pet him behind the ears.]

Did Clark leave you all alone out here, or did you get out somehow? ... Did that space dog kick you out? [A few more scritches and she gets up, looking around again. She can't believe Clark would just abandon his dog outside. :| What the hell.] Come on, let's go find him.

[Clark, back inside his room and listening with his superhearing, is now realizing he will spend the day playing hide-and-go-seek with Lois Lane as she attempts to return his dog.

And he looks like Death the Clown.


[Yeah, you dug your own grave on this one buddy. At least it distracts her from looking at those headstones. But one of the first places she's coming is your room, so you better hope that door's locked if you don't want her to see your masochistic shrine-covered room.]

[He drops the hat and the coat on his bed and glances through the walls to see where she's headed. His room? He waits a second, then he's sure. His room. Well, at least she'll drop off Shelby.

Clark steps into the hall and closes his door behind him, leaving it unlocked, then superspeeds off, leaving the hall empty.]

[Oh GOOD, it's UNLOCKED, surely Clark must be insi--

Nope, but there are sure are lots of little candles burning.



Oh. The door falls shut behind her and she sort of turns in a circle, staring at all the tiny shrines Clark's put up, as it slowly sinks in exactly what that might entail.

She swallows slightly, before walking over to take a closer look at a few. She drags a hand through Shelby's fur, and then looks around to make sure Clark's not standing in the doorway watching her or something.


She kind of feels like she's intruding now, so she makes sure the dog has food, and then heads out of there, clicking it shut behind her.]

[He feels a little bad already, leading her around, but there isn't much he can do about that until he can get this off his face. Those would be some seriously ugly questions, but then again, he supposes, he already came back to life from two of the incidents.

He'll just leave out the present falling-to-one's-death scenario, if it comes up.

Clark will just be sitting on one of the towers' sloped roofs, watching everything.]

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