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loisfuckinglane wrote in paradisa

Clark read me the riot act about our trip but he did make one good point about our intended route.   We know for a fact that the First Genners in control of those power suits were spotted en route to Paradisa Town before.  It might be a better idea to try finding a more roundabout way there.  Running into them's probably not something we should be aiming for until we get some more answers about what they really want.

[Yuki Nagato]

If you had a moment, I had a couple questions regarding that map you found.

[Room Filter; Open]

[Lois has her shrine all set up, though she admittedly had to be coerced into actually following through.  It's not the most artistic work, but she can't help but smile a little as she looks down at it.  Afraid that the door's gonna seal again if she closes it, she has it open for now, so anybody could walk by and see her.  She sighs a little and you can hear her mumble a couple of names, among which are 'Wes' and 'Mom'.]

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Some of us are planning on taking a trip out there, so I was wondering if you could tell us about that bookshop.



What it looked like, where it was, how we might find it again.


Situated in a single story building. Existence of a basement unknown. Interior approximately thirty to forty squared meters. Flooring most likely consisted of poly chloroethanediyl. Incandescent lighting. Eight to ten bookshelves, two tables, one counter, and one and a half walls used as extra shelving.

Located close to the library.

[She peers in, curiously, as she passes.]


[Lois looks up at the voice, and gets up carefully so as not to knock over candles and set her room on fire...]

Cassie. Hi. I was just-- [She gestures vaguely in the direction of the shrine] It wouldn't let me out if I didn't go along with the whole arts and crafts project day thing.

[She moves into the room a bit, with a polite smile.]

Mmm, I know how that goes. They're pretty, though. I bet spirits would like them.

If we're not even in our home dimension, I'm not sure how the spirits are supposed to see them, anyway.

It's the thought that counts, I think.

I'm sorry he gave you a hard time. That's probably my fault. But, yeah, if you think we should go in a more roundabout way -- if Clark does -- then we can do that. I was thinking we could meet up in the library today to talk it out and leave tomorrow?

Tomorrow? [Oh boy.] Well, we can meet up and see if people are ready at least.

I'm taking that's your way of saying you're not ready.

We can't leave much later than that, it's gonna start snowing soon and we'll get caught in it.

No, I'm ready. And you're right, I'd rather not to do most of the expedition on snow shoes.

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