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Eighteenth shot at a hot date // Locked to Lois Lane // And backdated a tad
Paris - Lalala you can't see me
eatshootsnleves wrote in paradisa
[Roy would be pretty visible, halfway to the back at that table for two, even if he hadn't just stood up when Lois walked in. He's made a command decision to just roll with the surreality for the night, which is why he's giving in to the mischievous impulse to act like a gentleman - or at least act like Ollie - and pull out her chair.]

Evening. Find the place okay?

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LMAO no worries about the time. omg Roy /facepalm

[Unexpected chivalry is unexpected, and Lois' eyebrows shoot up a little, but she smiles slightly, and slides in, waiting til he gets to his seat to thrust a hand out and make this professional as soon as humanly possible. :|]

Easy enough. I have my sources.

Lois Lane.

Don't you always.

[Ahaha oh Lois. He just clasps her hand - he could kiss it, but they're not on good enough terms yet for her to get the joke.]

Roy W. Harper. But you knew that. [A beat.] Used to be known as Arsenal. Not something I've used too often here.



Let me guess... that's not the nickname the other kids on the playground gave you.


That'd more or less imply I grew up someplace with a playground.

[Settles back, just chilling out and watching her. Nice night for an interview.] But no, it's the name I gave myself. Once I grew out of Speedy.

Got tired of the Fastest Mouse in Mexico jokes?

Funny thing, the jokes I got were never so PG.

[She laughs out loud at that one.]

Definitely don't blame you for the name upgrade then.

shall we steer back to the left side of the page? |3

[A bit of silence. Finishing up the grub.]

Tell me more about yourself? Anything I should know, maybe, about semi-current events back on the homeland.

Well, I only started working at the Planet ... two years ago now. Before that I was with the Inquisitor.

Oh, yeah? Think I've never seen a Planet without your byline.

Sounds like a tab.

It might have been more of a tabloid, but people still read it.

All the same, I'm glad I made the upgrade.

Yeah, they tend to. [Neutral] Pass on any juicy gossip in your time in the little leagues?

I spent an embarrassing amount of my time trying to unmask the Green Arrow, actually.

And I once tried to write an article about el chupacabra, that they wouldn't even publish. [She can laugh at herself now. 8|]

[Pffft ha! He can laugh at her too. 8)]

El chupacabra? Spend any time down south for your troubles?

Sure did, and all I got was a two bit tan and an edict to find a brand new story in three days when I got back.

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