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007 ♕ [written/spam]
| this feels like a sex fantasy
loisfuckinglane wrote in paradisa

Kinda strange how it almost feels like I'm still flying.

Ok.  Focus, Lane.  

Lots to do before DZ trip:  [scribbled hurriedly, and not in the least checked for spelling, sob.  Lane's secret shame.]

✗ Teach Claire some self-defence basic moves
✗ Corner Tony Stark re: those power suits. Get answers!
✗ Talk to Allan Walker about old house / laberatory
✗ Talk to Yuki about Paradisa Town: where they found map?
✗ Coffee with Chloe. Potencial awkward factor: 100
✗ Try to find out who found that picture, and where.
✗ Tell Clark about fourteen year old him

[Chew on pen cap for a moment, and then adds:]

✗ Tell Clark about DZ trip (bring cotten for ears); estimating odds of goodbye kiss = low.

[Whoever found the old picture of the castle]

No one could give me a direct name, so I'm hoping you'll see this and come forward.  Just had a couple questions.


Soo, how about that coffee sometime?

[Gym Filter | spam | very very open!]

[Lois promised Claire she'd show her a thing or two about self defense before they embarked on their Dead Zone trip, and she's planning on meeting her in the gym.  She gets down there early, however, and spends some time working out alone.  Nothing like finding out the guy you're dating has natural super-muscles to make a girl just the tiniest bit self conscious.   A natural at being demanding, it doesn't take Lois long to figure out she can get the castle to filter in whatever music she wants as workout tunes, so she's currently jamming to the dulcet tones of Whitesnake's Love Ain't No Stranger, while running on the treadmill.

And by jamming, I mean singing.  Pretty loudly.  And no, she doesn't notice initially when she gets company.]

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[ This girl's just going to be standing in the door to the gym in sweats, looking like she can't tell if she should be horrified or laughing. ]

Lord have mercy, love ain't no-- [She turns her head to register this after a nice double take and her words morph into a sudden:] --heyyyyy.

... Hi, Lois. [ okay, amusement wins out. ] Having fun?

[ Claire gets on the treadmill next to Lois', an amused look on her face. She waits for a guitar riff to make her presence known. ]

Not to interrupt your jam session or anything, but ... Lois, right?

Huh? [Her head snaps around and she sheepishly fumbles for the remote to turn that shit down.]

... Guilty.

[Was walking by the gym, doing his best to ignore the RACKET when he spots Lois.

Judging by her youthful features, Hank figures she must come from the same place as Clark. There's some slight differences, but if he's right, then this person is Lois Lane.]

[Eventually, she catches onto the feeling of being watched and looks over.

Staring isn't polite, Lois. But that's a cyborg face only a mother could love.]

Can I help you?

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[Proof that all you need to uglify Clark is some metal to throw on him.]

...Sorry. You looked familiar.

[Oh hey, look, it's Clark's clone! Kon doesn't go to the gym since he's naturally like this, but he's been exploring the castle. He stops when he sees Lois and floats on over.]

Seriously, Lois? Whitesnake? You're supposed to be cooler than Clark.

[Well, three guesses as to who this is.]

And what exactly is wrong with Whitesnake?

Think carefully before you answer.

[He's wandering into the gym. Don't really need superhearing to hear her when she is singing that loudly]

[Er, oops. This is a little... weird. She coughs and grabs her water bottle, hitting the music off.]

Er, hi.

Uh..Hi. I didn't interrupt you, did I?

Please. Coffee sounds like a dream and if it's with my favorite cousin that makes it even better.

How about somewhere in town?

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