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001 - voice;
[Attitude] PUPPY, [Krypto] Not so good at this secret ID
ihavettk wrote in paradisa
I had this dream before. But I wasn't wearing pants and there was a math test I hadn't studied for.

No, seriously, what's going on? Cause whoever it is that kidnapped me, man, you are so toast.

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[... And here she goes. Told you she couldn't stay quiet for long. ;;]

... So how do you know Kara and Clark?

Uh, Kara's my cousin and I was cloned from Clark? Sorta... thought you knew.

[...that's Lois, right? Doesn't Lois know who he is?]

...does this mean I'm your loss?

I'm Superboy. Kon-El. Conner. You know, the Kid of Steel? Master of tactile telekinesis?

Seriously, Lois? Nothing?

And how do you know me, exactly?

Cause you're married to Clark?

...or not and I just realized that maybe I'm not your loss and I haven't been made yet and there's time travel and all that stuff...

[He realizes, suddenly, that she may not know who Clark is. And he may have just completely blown it.]

See, I'm half human and half Kryptonian. So I'm cloned from Clark and Superman.

Keywords, Kon, keywords.

[She's not sure whether that makes less sense than anything else he's said so far or ... more sense. She's not really sure of a whole lot right now, to be honest. She'll just staaaaaare before adding:]

I already know what my loss is. Which means it's not you.

Why in the hell would somebody clone Clark?

He can't get high unless there's ~magic kryptonite~ involved!

Cause you can't clone a pure kryptonian and he's got good DNA? I don't know, I'm the clonee, not the cloner.

Re: He can't get high unless there's ~magic kryptonite~ involved!

[Trainwreck. This is a trainwreck, and all he can do is sit there with slowly... watch it unfold. But then we need damage control.]

Kon, I'm just going to ask that you stop this conversation right here.

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And maybe you could pick up where he's leaving off.

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