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A panfandom roleplay

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(no subject)
These glasses are cool
true_superboy wrote in paradisa
[Prime Clarkie is out in some random shop in town getting something to eat. He was flipping through his journal, which seemed endless and forgot to close it. So it picks up his order and everything that follows]

I hope they caught that guy that hurt all of those people out here.

I feel like I’m going to be sick just thinking about that scene.

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Me..? I'm fourteen.

What do you ask?

How old are you? The Lois that I thought would be here was at least 60..

Definitely not 60. Obviously Mama Kent hasn't taught you never to ask a woman her age yet.

Ah! I'm sorry! That was pretty rude, wasn't it?

[Awww isn't he adorable?]

I'll live.

[For the time being he is! And he's also holding up the line. He moves to the side] You were going to order something, weren't you?

Just a ham sandwich on rye.

And a coffee. Regular.

[Watches as the person behind the counter takes her order! Then looks back to her]

Is the Clark from your world here?

Sure is. Apparently he's been here for two or three years too.

When did you get here?

I haven't ran into him yet..

I arrived her last week. You are the first familarish face I have run into..

Minus a few decades, right?

Maybe you should talk to Clark. I could send him over.

Yeah. But you age well, just so you know.

You don't..have to do that. I am sure he has more important things to do right now.

[Smart save, kid.] That's the kind of news from the future every girl likes to hear.

Relax. He can make time in his oh so busy schedule. Where are you staying?

[He's learning!]

In..um..an Inn here in town. It was that or a tent in the forest.

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