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loisfuckinglane wrote in paradisa
[Filtered away from all those ne'er-do-wells and company]

Alright, seeing as how hiding the big ol' soul sucking sword seems like we're just asking for a sequel of this day somewhere down the line, most people seem in agreement that looking for a way to destroy the thing as soon as possible is a much better solution.

Ino mentioned there was someone (or several someones) here who claimed they've seen one destroyed before, but Allen also mentioned that if we don't do it right, all the souls trapped in the sword right now will be destroyed.  I don't know about you, but if there's a way around that, I'd really prefer to keep that off our collective consciences.  

Anyways, I noticed while doing research last week that the library is stacked with books on all kinds of worlds: including ones people have mentioned to me that they came from.  If someone can provide us the exact name of the world/lore/history surrounding Frostmourne, there might be something in there that can help us try to figure out the proper way of taking this thing out once and for all, while setting the souls inside free.

So anyone with specific information on the sword/world it comes from, or anyone who know their way around an old school library and wants to lend a hand with research, let me know.  I'm heading down there right now, so you can always just meet up with me.


Just checking in, Smallville.  [Not that she's worried.] 

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I'm already looking and will compile my notes.

Good to know a few people around here have their head on their shoulders still.

Any big breaks?

I'm pretty good around books. I can help.

Great. We can split into sections, maybe.

Our world is called Azeroth, and it is there that Arthas found Frostmourne.

So is it too much to hope that you're one of the people claiming to have seen this sword destroyed before?

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I'm more than willing to lend a hand with research. It's been a hobby of mine over the years, and from what I saw of the library, I'll be right at home.

Just what I was hoping to hear.

Filter; OMG how did this become tl;dr?

[It's taking a great deal of self restraint not to volunteer herself to fight. She's certainly strong enough, even without alchemy, but she doubts that she could participate in a serious long-running battle without aggravating her condition. And someone coughing up blood in the middle of a fight is the last thing everyone needs. So she's happy to see something she can help with.]

Need an extra pair of eyes?

Filter; lmao awww /pets your fais

Definitely. This place is even more endless than I remembered.

...there are others from my world here. Why not ask them personally?

On it, but double checking our sources isn't going to hurt either.

What about you? Any clue on how to destroy the sword without making mincemeat of the souls inside?

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I want to help. Even if it's just reading books with you in the library, if there's a way I can help, I'll do it.

Claire, right?

Not everyone may be equipped to fight some kind of bloodthirsty "insurmountable" bad guy, but there are other ways we can help stop him. I think making sure he can't get that sword back and freeing those souls is as important as getting him confined.

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[Oh, Lois. He's glad you're in a library and not seeing his name get thrown around in these attack plans.]

I'm fine. Are you alright?

Clark (and mun's off to bed ;; nite!)

[She saw it basically within twenty minutes of you getting that fixed there, Clark, so count your lucky stars.]

Peachy. Guess you were right about things getting exciting fast around here.

You're pretty on top of this.

I don't like being left out of the action.

I can free the souls before it's destroyed.

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Sounding pretty confident there. Ok. Spill. How are you gonna do it?

Reading? That I can do. You still looking for any more volunteers?

Not about to turn any down.


You're really into this stuff, aren't you?

Keeping people's souls from getting sucked out? Well, it's not on my usual list of hobbies, but I'm willing to be flexible.

I'm already researching as well, and am glad to see so many others working on it in the library. I don't want an object like that lying around either. It's too dangerous.

Exactly what I was thinking.

Find anything yet?

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